Wednesday, 3/10/21

How Do You Weigh a Hummingbird? …The bumblebee hummingbirds in Mexico are smaller at 2.2 g

People who BS are more likely to fall for BS. …Like you and Don when we talk/argue politics?

Tuesday, 3/9/21

Burpees! …The post includes the following: “Most people can do about 20 burpees in a minute.” Well, Don can’t, and I’m guessing you can’t either. Not a good sign for either of us.

Monday, 3/8/21

Check out the new Hayward Field. …Per The Wall Street Journal, the the official cost of the renovation: $270,047,937. Most of it thanks to (Uncle) Phil Knight. …BTW, Don recommends subscribing to the WSJ. Maybe the best newspaper around, fair to all sides. It’s pricey, but watch for the special deals. I’m on one at $4 a month, good for one year. Cancel anytime.

Sunday, 3/7/21

Bach’s best

Bocelli/daugther sing Hallelujah

Saturday, 3/6/21

Gogol would not do well in the modern world, which demands that artists be great people …He’d have been canceled a hundred times over, and died covered in Twitter trolls instead of leeches. …Read

Friday, 3/5/21

Smartphones are stupid

Thursday, 3/4/21

Powerful Oregon Featuring Milers Galore …Pre’s best: 3:58.6 indoor and 3;54.6 outdoor.

Wednesday, 3/3/21

Pete Julian (replaced Salazar at Nike): On the recent, crazy-fast times

Tuesday, 3/2/21

Oregon Track Club Newsletter, March, 2021

Better grab a latte to go, that report is due this morning and there’s a call with the dog across the street after naptime. With the Fisher-Price® My Home Office set, your preschooler is the boss of their own workstation at home, the local coffee shop, or the moon. This 8-piece pretend play set includes a pretend laptop, 4 fabric apps to attach to the computer screen, a wood smartphone and headset for all those important business calls, and a to-go cup for kids to sip their favorite beverage. Urgent call from the cat… More.

Saturday, 2/27/21

12-Year-Old Drops 51 seconds 400m At Nationals …World record by 12 year-olds is Bryce Love’s 49.47. Later, Love was an outstanding running back at Stanford. He was drafted in the 4th round by the Washington Football Team (nee Redskins) in 2019 but, due to injury, hasn’t played a down.