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Wednesday, 9/30/20

Don’t Judge a Runner’s Efficiency by Their Stride

Monday, 9/28/20

Washington woman set sights on a speed record on Pacific Crest Trail — then starvation set in. …Read

Friday PM

A neighbor asked for a tomato. More.

Friday, 9/25/20

Why Voltaire Said: You Must Cultivate Your Own Garden

Saturday, 9/19/20

How welcoming are we to newbie runners? Read

Thursday, 9/17/20

Is this insane? Kate Brown and Gavin Newsom appear to support college football this fall …Meanwhile, 90% or more of UO and OSU classes will be remote only.

Wednesday, 9/16/20

The hell with diversity, equity and inclusion…more. …Walter E. Williams, the author, is black.

Tuesday, 9/15/20

Out There: On Not Finishing …Check out the other links. Good stuff.

Monday, 9/14/20

Current air quality in Eugene here

Saturday, 9/12/20

We promised to love, honor, and share underwear