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Sunday, 7/31/22

Malcolm Gladwell’s A Modest Proposal.

He’s right, high school cross country is tons of fun. But his scoring proposal is goofy, not gonna happen. The focus should be on mass participation. The best teams are huge, a hundred kids. Just get ’em out running. For most, it’s their last chance to be involved in a marvelous, compelling, hopefully life-long activity. Having JV and freshman races help develop the competitive spirit.

Watch The Long Green Line.

Wednesday, 7/27/22

Video: Handle Hard Better

Monday, 7/25/22

United States won 33 medals at their home championships, more than the next three nations (Ethiopia, Jamaica and Kenya) combined. …Photos.

Saturday, 7/23/22

Fun story on shoe companies renovating/taking over UO frat houses during the World Athletic Championships. ….Here

There is a special NYT newsletter on running sent every Saturday. Sign up for it if you can. I’m no longer a NYT subscriber, but I still get the newsletter. Good stuff.

Thursday, 7/21/22

Another good one from Cathal Dennehy on Ryan Crouser

The Beautiful Mystique of the Hayward Field Tower Definitely on the to-do list. Like Don, I’m sure there were thousands of others who wanted in during the Monday night session .

Wednesday, 7/20/22

Must see. On You Tube. Race video of the finals of the men’s 400 meters and 400 hurdles. …And while there, check out the women’s and men’s 200 meter prelims on Monday. Our seats immediately next to the start, in full sun, in full sun. Very close to the runners, about 15 yards.

Cathal Dennehy, Irish sportswriter, on Pre fix.

Tuesday, 7/19/22

About the World Athletic Champs. We were there last night. In our $95 per seats. Packed house. Smart, friendly, courteous crowd, volunteers and administrators. A compelling, memorable three hours. Loved it all. …Why aren’t you here?

Monday, 7/18/22


Watch the men’s marathon. We did. It streamed by us six times, as close as six feet away. You might catch us at 1:51.46. Skinny short guy with a long blonde mate recording with a smart phone. …Stand by for our contribution. …It was a total thrill. Tonight we¬† attend at Hayward Field.

Friday, 7/15/22

World Championships start today! And the on-going TdF ain’t bad either.

Great article: The WC & Eugene: An Unlikely Alliance 6 Decades In The Making

Wednesday, 7/13/22

Hey, come to Eugene and go for walks and talks with Vin Lananna and other major figures on Pre’s Trail. Story

It is estimated that one billion people will watch the World Athletic Championships Oregon 22. Lotsa eyeballs.