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Saturday, 8/29/20

NYT: Naked Came the Runners

Thursday, 8/27/20

Much as graffiti attracts more graffiti, stuff attracts more stuff. …Read. …In Eugene, and likely where you live too, the poor, homeless, bums have ready access to free food and clothing and shelter (the latter only if they follow the rules). There’s such abundance much is trashed as they move on from site to site.

Tuesday, 8/25/20

Ditch that water bottle?

Monday, 8/24/20

Eugene woman sets Oregon Pacific Crest Trail speed record: 455 miles in 7 days

Saturday, 8/22/20

The Big Friendly 5. Results. …And video.

Friday, 8/21/20

Final Big Friendly tonight at 8 pm. Details.

Tuesday, 8/18/20

Cheptegei wore a Strava on WR race. That and other amazing stories here.

Especially now, bored/anxious during the pandemic, Americans are boozing it up like never before. Just as the government warns men to cut back to only one glass per night. Story.

Perchance, bored, you’re reading more. Check out Top Ten Books. And read all the Tom Wolfe you can find. Starting with his fun report on Studs Lonigan, a book I read about 55 years ago.

Monday, 8/17/20

How fast is 12:35.36? Insanely fast.

Saturday, 8/15/20

Video: The Final 4 Laps of Joshua Cheptegei’s WR Run

Friday, 8/14/20

There was a 5K last night at Dorris Ranch, our first race since November. Results. A lovely course, with hills, on dirt/rooted trails along the Willamette and up and down the rows in a filbert orchard. Probably 1 to 2 minutes slower than a paved, PR course. Most, including Don, were happy to be back in racing mode.

Dorris Ranch photos.