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Sunday, 3/29/20

Dr. Anthony Fauci Is an Avid Runner, Even When He Works 19-Hour Days

Friday, 3/27/20

Free! Haruki Murakami: What I talk about when I talk about running

Diane and Don

4th grade, Bushnell Way School in Los Angeles, long time ago. Photo.

The girl in the white outfit, black hair in the second row is Diane Keaton, then known as Diane Hall.

A friend writes: The last time I was at Barnes and Noble, I noticed that Diane Keaton had a new book about her younger brother. I browsed through it and it confirmed that Diane and I went to 4th grade together. Alas, it was only that one year, my first in the neighborhood and her last. The book mentions the blue house, gives its address and she even mentions the tetherball in the back yard. We are both in this picture

Don here. I was in another class, one semester ahead. Two buddies in Diane’s class said she was interested in me. I sorta knew that but we were both too shy to have a conversation.

Wednesday, 3/25/20

Roger Robinson: Still Hungry at 80

Q&A with Roger Robinson

Read: When Running Made History

Good guy. Great read.

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Thursday, 3/19/20


Wednesday, 3/18/20

Skinner Butte Park

Tuesday, 3/17/20

Craig Leener, a great friend in Southern California, is interviewed on NPR.

His books are available on Amazon, $9.99 for the paper, $4.99 on Kindle. I read the first book three times.

Quick story. Vince McGrath, a fellow runner, and I organized the first Beast race, a 4.86 mile, 2000 foot climb to the peak of a prominent mountain in Santa Clarita, CA. At the top, on a (rare) clear day, you could see Catalina.

Leener, a local sportswriter, not a runner, and two other journalists hiked the Beast and publicized the event. Thereafter, on the second Saturday in December, the event attracted a lot of runners. We charged a fee and provided a cool Beast shirt. Every cent collected went to the local Food Pantry, over $5,000. We could do that because Leener leaned on his entrepreneurial brother to contribute the shirts. I still wear my last one on runs alongside the Willamette River.

Saturday, 3/14/20

Ode to Joy

Wednesday, 3/11/20


I’m here to help.