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Sunday, 6/27/21

A $270-million spaceship in remote Eugene is not how to grow track and field in America …Uh, Abrahamson lives in Los Angeles.

Friday, 6/25/21

We’ve attended the Olympic Trials. The new Hayward Field is stupendous. Mostly thanks to money from Phil Knight.

But then there is this. …Business is just business?

Thursday, 6/24/21

Last night we raced Pre’s Trail Revival Run, second oldest of 197 finishers. Results. …Linda Prefontaine, Pre’s younger sister, made some, uh, pre race remarks.

Pre’s Trail video.

Sunday, 6/20/21

About Allyson Felix long time ago. Catch Her If You Can

Friday, 6/18/21

Wander Women trio hope to complete the Triple Crown of hiking in 2021.

Thursday, 6/17/21

Quick history. Nike – The Rise and Fall…And Rise Again

Best reads. Shoe Dog …And Bowerman and the Men of Oregon

Wednesday, 6/16/21

Alex Henderson: How to Design the Ultimate Interval Workout …The one that works best for you.

Ron Clarke was a fantastic runner in his day, a good fellow loved by so many of his competitors. Competing in the 1968 Olympics (Mexico City, elevation 7,382 feet) damaged his heart. Kidney failure killed him at 78. Don’t miss his Q&A here

Monday, 6/14/21

Video Tour Of Hayward Field

Sunday, 6/13/21

Watch Athing Mu run here and here

Saturday, 6/12/21

Watch All NCAA Men’s Races (Cued To The Final 400)

Safety Helmets!