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Wednesday, 6/9/21

Giday Breaks Hassan’s World RecordWatch

The Tyranny Of Time

Monday, 6/7/21

Sifan Hassan smashes 10,000 WR …By over 10 seconds. Only 5-7, 108.

Friday, 6/4/21

It’s Okay to Feel Happy

Thursday, 6/3/21

The real Lord of the Flies

Wednesday, 6/2/21

Oregon Track Club Newsletter – June 2021 …All club members get Nike Company store access this month. The discount last time we visited (2019) was 40%.

Tuesday, 6/1/21

Ron Warhurst, famous Michigan/Very Nice Track Club coach, at the new Hayward Field …Seating will be very limited at the Trials later this month. We have a shot being there.

Video: I Live in Yosemite