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Tuesday, 12/31/19

2020 January Oregon Track Club Newsletter …Includes our Q&A with Bob Welch and a book review.

Monday, 12/30/19

Best? Kenyan. Attend St. Patrick’s High School

Extreme Aging

Saturday, 12/28/19

Why Writing Better Will Make You a Better Person

Thursday, 12/26/19

Dave Barry’s Year in Review

Tuesday, 12/24/19

In May of 2019, at the age of 52, I was accepted to the Eli Whitney student program at Yale University… My semester with the snowflakes

Monday, 12/23/19

Work on these things …Marginal Revolution is one of my go-to sites.

Friday, 12/20/19

Are You a Jerk?

The Boy Who Runs: The Odyssey of Julius Achon

A book by John Brant

245 pages, published by Ballantine Books

Julius Achon, 12, in strife-torn Uganda, is kidnapped with 14 others by a rebel band He escapes. He self-coaches to a full scholarship in the best prep school. At 17, he is the best Ugandan distance runner, winning world junior titles. On a scholarship at George Mason University, he sets an NCAA record. He competes for Uganda at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. With his Ugandan family in dire circumstances, he is signed as an assistant coach (pacer for prep prince Galen Rupp) with Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project at a non princely $1500 per month and hence obliged to work an extra four hours daily at the Nike employee store… What a story!!! Brant is one of our best on track, oddly all his books with Salazar being a key character.

Monday, 12/16/19

Breaking news from the British Journal of Sports Medicine: Any Amount Of Running Linked To Significantly Lower Risk Of Death

Roger Robinson: Peter Snell

He was awesome. I saw him race in 1962.

Book Review

Grit; The Power of Passion and Perseverance

A book by Angela Duckworth, 282 pages, published by Scribner, 2016

Grit is a contemporary classic, a must read for parents, teachers, athletes and others with a passion for improvement in themselves and others. It makes a strong case that genes and talent is not enough, that passion and perseverance, or grit, is essential to reach your goals and even dazzle. We see the struggles of first year plebes at West Point, National Spelling Bee finalists, runners, renown Manhattan smarties, and coach Pete Carroll. …Compelling and inspirational stuff.