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Monday, 12/9/19

More from Jonathon Swift: His Life and His World:

…he would work for two hours and then take a break by running to the top of a nearby hill and down again. “this exercise he performed in about six minutes; backwards and forwards it was about a half a mile. …in his sixties, a rainstorm drove them inside. …(he) then ran up the great stairs, down one pair of back stairs, up another, in so violent a manner I could not help expressing my uneasiness… she said it was a customary exercise for him when the weather did not permit him to walk abroad. For the rest of his life Swift’s doctors kept trying to persuade him to stop.

The Race to Build the World’s Fastest Running Shoe. As mentioned several months ago I was allowed to shop at the Nike employee store in Beaverton. The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%, retailing at $250, was not available. As indicated in the article, the sales guy confirmed the pack down, actual 4% advantage disappears at or before 150 miles of wear.

NXN Championships

Results and photos

The winning girls team is extremely young. Read

Summit, our favorite girls team, finished second. Story

Saturday, 12/7/19

Also reading Jonathon Swift: His Life and His World. …Deane Swift the younger, one of the few relatives he liked, heard that “he was prodigiously fond of rambling,” and that his stamina, which remained impressive right into old age, had been extraordinary then. “He ran like a buck from one place to another. Gates, stiles, and quicksets (hedges) he no more valued than if they had been so many straws.”

Alex Hutchinson: 2019 Holiday Book List

Friday, 12/6/19

Steve Magness/Brad Stulberg: Top Books of 2019 for Performance and Wellbeing

For the first time in my life, I’m reading James Boswell’s The Life of Samuel Johnson. 1243 pages. It’s terrific. And a marvelous, safe soporific.

Vin Win

Arbitrator rules that Vin Lananna be reinstated as USATF president immediately

Wednesday, 12/4/19

Peloton exercise bike ad mocked as being ‘sexist’ and ‘dystopian’

Monday, 12/2/19

What Would It Take to Run a 1:50 Marathon?

Stop Obsessing Over Sleep …A friend works with a sleep therapist, but without success. Don asks, “Ever consider foregoing coffee and wine?” “Never,” friend says.

Sunday, 12/1/19

Do the Flop

Read the book. …Selected Book of the Year by the Track & Field Writers of America.

My next Q&A is with Bob Welch.