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Tuesday, 10/20/20

Cece Telfer, born and raised Craig Telfer, after two years of competition as a man, competes as a woman… More.

Apparently, Craig/ Cece didn’t realize his/her female identity until late in his/her college career. …We learned in the Supreme Court nomination hearings there is no such thing as making a sexual preference.

Thursday, 10/15/20

Hayward Field will stage six of the next seven NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

Why Don’t Runners’ Knees Fail More Often? …Is it me, or does the article raise more questions than it answers?

Wednesday, 10/14/20

Video: Cougar Stalks Man For Six Minutes …

Thursday, 10/8/20

Watch. Two world records

Wednesday, 10/7/20

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, a mulatto born into a poor family in 1839, wrote one of the wittiest books ever written.

Maybe as good as Voltaire’s Candide.

Sat;urday, 10/3/20

Watching the London Marathon and other links

Friday, 10/2/20

The October Oregon Track Club Newsletter is here. …Includes our Q&A with Professor Lori Shontz.

Big Butts Are Best

Wednesday, 9/30/20

Don’t Judge a Runner’s Efficiency by Their Stride

Monday, 9/28/20

Washington woman set sights on a speed record on Pacific Crest Trail — then starvation set in. …Read

Friday PM

A neighbor asked for a tomato. More.