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Thursday, 8/6/20

College sports may soon be on life support

Just ordered: Amazing Racers: The Story of America’s Greatest Running Team and Its Revolution …How high school cross country can change lives forever. It sure did for Don.

Wednesday, 8/5/20

Watch Olympian Katie Ledecky swim with full glass of milk on her head …What would be a comparable test for runners?

Sunday, 8/2/20

Eugene is known for its rain and clouds – but not for fish dropping out of the sky. Osprey legend is that in 2014, while the birds were nesting at the historic Hayward Field, they dropped their lunch – which happened to be trout – on unsuspecting runners. It was at that point in time that the University had the nest moved across the street to its current location at Oregon Law. The Ospreys soon adapted, and within two weeks, they moved to their new nest. …More

Running By Time

Saturday, 8/1/20

Michael Lewis: Confessions of a California Covid Nurse

Her job, as she now sees it, is to keep the door to the Public Health office open, until the American public is ready to be saved from itself. “There will come a time when their minds will be changed,” she said. “Once the reality hits them — when they see a friend of theirs die. Or someone young die. I don’t want them to feel confrontational. I want them to know I’ll be here for you. I’ll take your call even though you treated me like dirt.”

Just ordered: Love Your Enemies

Just read: Hayward Field: Legends and Legacy …Terrific!

Fitbit (7/1-7/31): 407,867 steps, 649 floors (6490′ elevation), 198.48 miles, 66,422 calories

Friday, 7/31/20

The 2020 August OTC Newsletter here. …Includes our story, Milestones of Women’s Running in Oregon.

World Champion Donovan Brazier racing tonight and available for live viewing on You Tube. Read. …Note Brenda Martinez drove to Portland for the meet. That’s over a thousand miles. Minimum of 15 hours of driving. More like 20 hours for Don and his lady.

Thursday, 7/30/20

Nike Origins-Bowerman Built …The shoes fetched $162,500 at Sothby’s auction

Wednesday, 7/29/20

Fun video. What kind of runner are you?

Tuesday, 7/28/20

Hayward in Hardcover …Check out the photos. Love that one of the infant at an All-Comers, a summer stable for men, women, and children since 1959.

Tuesday, 7/21/20

No fall season in California high school sports

We’re Not Getting Back to Normal Any Time Soon

Monday, 7/20/20

Magic happens in popup meet alongside the McKenzie River …An hour drive from Eugene. A terrific track in a very small town in the Cascades. …Watch The Big Friendly 2 on your smart tv.