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Wednesday, 2/6/19

Toughest runner ever!

Week That Was

Amby Burfoot interviews Christie Aschwanden on the Science Behind Recovery

Details on How a Man Killed a Mountain Lion with His Bare Hands

Steve Magness: What You Say Matters: How The Post-Race Debrief Influences Performance. …Does/did your coach give you any feedback?

Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell

Coming attaction: 112th NYRR Millrose Games. On the tube in Eugene on Saturday, NBC channel 3, 1:30 PM. …There are no no prominent indoor track meets in Oregon (though one of the best I ever saw was in Portland, the World Indoor Championships) or Los Angeles. As to the latter, the Times Indoor and the Sunkist were the two major indoor meets at the Sports Arena.
Was present on 2/10/62 to witness Jim Beatty become the first human to go sub four indoors. Video.

‘Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body’ and Other Lies I’ve Been Told: A Reading List on Mental Health and Sport

Tuesday, 2/5/19

Snow in Eugene. Maybe a half inch. Lovely.

the morning shakeout

You Don’t Need Sports Drinks To Stay Hydrated

How Candy (Energy?) Bars Became America’s Favorite Snack Food

Gym Class Trauma. Picked last. Getting naked. Showers. …Nah, I liked it.

Monday, 2/4/19

The Greatest Tool for Recovery Might Be Common Sense

Tom Brady Is Drowning In His Own Pseudoscience …Sez the author of Good to Go.

The White Flight From Football

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman shouldn’t even have been playing in the game

Toxic coaching. Most often seen in football and basketball. Ever heard of such in track & field? I haven’t.

The latest Fast Women newsletter

Weekend, 2/2-3/19

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Run-spiration. And a whole lot more. NYT is a great newspaper. But there is limited access without a subscription. Try a trial, quite cheap subscription. If you like it, get a regular subscription with complete access and the Sunday Times delivered on your doorstep for $20 per month. Hint. Bargain for your best deal.

Beet juice news

Why We’ll Look Back at Our Smartphones Like Cigarettes

Why PE Fails… Hey, take a hike around your neighborhood. There are no kids out playing, riding bikes, etc. Kids today are raised to be inert.

Heart and Humor: Eugene, where great athletes are just like the rest of us

Friday, 2/1/19

Gritty photos of NYC runners

Check out the 2019 February OTC Newsletter. Note story on the University of Oregon track & field team got Navy SEAL training. Tough stuff!!! Will try to get more details.

Thursday, 1/31/19

Must read football stories. About Aaron Donald and C.T.E.

The Best Hydration Plan Is to Drink When You’re Thirsty

Professors of Stupidity

We Salute You, Guy Wearing Shorts All Winter. …Last Sunday at practice, with over a hundred in 40 degree weather, that sole shorts guy was Vin Lananna.

80-Year-Old Climber Kris Machnick Reminds Us It’s Never Too Late

Media-Saturated and Mad? Cervantes Has Something to Say

1000 Push-ups in a day …Enjoy Living with a SEAL

Wednesday, 1/30/19

Week That Was.

Last Year’s Thru-Hiking FKTs Were Out of Control. …Assisted. Unassisted. Uh, seems kinda nutty to me. Read Scott Jurek”s North. 45 days of misery and stress. And his new record was broken soon after. And that since broken, about four days faster. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Tuesday, 1/29/19

the morning shakeout

It’s Not An Easy Thing To Admit When You’re Wrong…

Proper Breathing Brings Better Health

Just in from the Harvard Business Review. Time for Happiness

Don’t miss The World According to Ray Ratto

Monday, 1/28/19

8 Takeaways from the 2019 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix

Crazy money in college sports. Read

Americans need to save more

Jane Brody/NYT: For Real Weight Control, Try Portion Control. And 10,000 steps every day. …Don’t miss the comments.

Weekend, 1/26-27/19

Parcourse: The Fitness Sensation That Inspired Pre’s Trail

Amazing, obstinate Dick Beardsley

Pure gold: ‘The Patch’ by John McPhee

Brad Stulberg: The Great Paradox of Peak Performance.More.

Television – Poem by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl: Not Vaccinating Your Kids Is “Almost a Crime”

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Unmotivated? Me Too. And more.

Sunday. Amazon Deal of the Day. Alex Hutchinson’s Endure on Kindle for $1.99. See here.