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Saturday, 2/26/22

Women Ultrarunners Age Like Fine Wine

Impressive!  My best race, when about 45, was a 50 miler at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.  Ten five mile loops on a dead flat course.  6:17.45.  About a 7:32 mile pace.  …Most recent effort, age 76, was a 25:45 5K with an 8:18 mile pace.   Not fine wine. Still enjoyable.

Thursday, 2/24/22

Blind Men And Blood …About sportswashing. Don’t support Russia, China, IOC, NBA, Saudi Arabia, et al.

Tuesday, 2/22/22

If we were honest with ourselves, our language would be more forthright.

Friday, 2/18/22

I love sports. Not the Olympics. Watch

Sunday, 2/13/22

Breaking news from 2004. Torn Jeans.
Very popular with the University of Oregon women. Along with the mandatory long, ironed straight hair.

Saturday, 2/12/22

25:45 today in the Couples 5K. Results. Oldest in the race. 22 seconds slower than my best last year on a faster course.  I’m thrilled, motivated, and 77 next month.

Friday, 2/11/22

The Crankification Engine

Saturday, 2/5/22

Maybe best movie review of all time: Joel Coen’s “The Tragedy of Macbeth”, Reviewed by Ethan Coen

Today I ran with a 59 year old. He started running at age 10. Ran his first and only marathon age 13, finished in 2:45, breaking the national age group record. His last race was when a freshman in college.

Friday, 2/4/22

The Fiddler in the Subway

Thursday, 2/3/22

Is China Committing Genocide Against the Uyghurs?