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Monday, 9/30/19

The World Championships in Doha, Qatar, have been plagued by pathetic attendance.

Sunday, 9/29/19

Jim Hunt, a great coach at Humboldt State, died recently. He was associated with a must-see video, The Harriers. …To your life list, add a visit to Eureka, Arcata, and the awesome park-redwood forest behind Humboldt. And run on the long, lonely spit in Eureka, especially on a foggy morning. (Most mornings are foggy.)

Sunday, 9/22/19

We’re weekending in Oakridge, about midpoint on the Oregon Timber Trail. It’s considered the mountain biker equivalent of the PCT. Interesting, eh?

We’re staying at the Oakridge Lodge. Very nice. 85% of their customers are mountain bikers.

Friday, 9/20/19

Chasing the One Percent—Lessons from the INEOS 1:59 Challenge

How to Build Good Habits

Thursday, 9/19/19

NBC News’ Climate Confessions. …Do you know anyone, including politicians, who live actually walk the walk, don’t drive, don’t fly, strict vegans…? I don’t.

Wednesday, 9/18/19

Alysha Montano to receive World Championship bronze medals.> Finally! The Russian was busted years ago.

Summit High School Girls, Bend Oregon, Nike Nationals Championship Team, 2018 Training Plan

Tuesday, 9/17/19

The Biggest Problem With the American Diet. We have apple trees. We eat plenty and sauce a lot. Oddly, aside from the mission, there are only a few friends and neighbors who want free apples.

Orcas Island. We love it.

Sunday, 9/15/19

Lotsa rain. Too much to go outside and play.

Instead I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers. Terrific.

Saturday, 9/14/19

Musings Of A Rookie XC Dad

Friday, 9/13/19