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Thursday, 10/31/19

Get started. Keep going. Stop.

Meet the Eighty-Six-Year-Old Running the New York City Marathon

Wednesday, 10/30/19

A long life is a gift

Tuesday, 10/29/19

Why are Jamaicans the fastest runners in the world?

Monday, 10/28/19

Scientific American: 8 Ways to Get More Movement into Your Day

Sunday, 10/27/19

Civil service guy skips work for 6 years to study Spinoza.

Saturday, 10/26/19

NYT links. The story on daily drinking alcohol is especially interesting. I gave up alcohol on 12/31/18.

Wisdom in Your Pocket.
Regardless your religion, or lack thereof, Seneca and Cicero are terrific, easy to read. You can put them on your Kindle for free. I read those guys and Thoreau’s Walking (also free on Kindle) while running on the treadmill.

Ever wondered about James Joyce’s Ulysses? It’s a tough read, for sure. Try the movie. It’s very good. I last saw it in 1967. My lady says we will watch it tonight. She hasn’t seen it, but did read A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and loved it.

Thursday, 10/24/19

From Florence, OR

Nike Oregon Project athletes working with coach Pete Julian will stay together

Max Scherzer update

Wednesday, 10/23/19

Max Scherzer was the winning pitcher in last night’s game one of the World Series.

To beat Scherzer you have to triumph over not just his stuff and his deception but also his will. When the Nationals are home, you might see Scherzer running long distances in the area of the Washington monuments, one of the three days in between starts when he runs (one day for distance, one for intervals, one for sprints). As an American League pitcher, Scherzer would take a “flush run” the day after starts. Since joining the Nationals, he has increased his running, and his explanation is pure Scherzer.

The above is from an article in Sports Illustrated.

Read Filthy Shakespeare. Hilarious and instructive. Written by a Shakespeare scholar. …See the Comments.

Sunday, 10/20/19

Just saw Chimes at Midnight. …Again after 52 years. Orson Welles said it was his best. Eminent scholar Harold Bloom (who died six days ago), said, in Falstaff: Give Me Life, he loved it.

Super carbs. No hype. Safe. Cheap.

Why Neanderthals Could Outsprint Humans

Thursday, 10/17/19

Reefer Sadness