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Wednesday, 5/30/18

NYT: Scared of High-Intensity Interval Training? A Heart Monitor Can Make it Fun and Easy

Study: Multivitamins, Other Common Supplements Have No Health Benefits

The ultimate is not to win, but to reach within the depths of your capabilities and to compete against yourself to the greatest extent possible. When you do that, you have dignity. You have the pride. You can walk about with character and pride no matter in what place you happen to finish. ~Billy Mills, Olympic Gold Medalist in the 10,000, Tokyo 1964

Video: The final lap …Still the only American to win the 10,000.

Also in Tokyo, Bob Schul wins the 5000, still the only American… Video

A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. ~ William James

Tuesday, 5/29/18

The surprising science behind why ‘easy days’ and ‘hard days’ make a difference in your workout

The Pressing Need for Everyone to Quiet Their Egos

Magness Speaks — Workouts to Improve Lactate Clearing Rates

Check out the new Nike video on Justin Gallegos

Resiliency is often a key to success

A reunion under the Hayward rafters

Monday, 5/28/18

Brad Stulberg: Talking About Doing Something and Actually Doing It Are Two Very Different Things

LeBron James agrees. Consider

Does running a mile a day really improve children’s lives?
…Would an hour of daily exercise (any movement) improve every body?

Radical Critique of the Wellness Culture

Fun stuff from the Very Stable Idiot

Just in from the archives. Run For Your Life

Sunday, 5/27/18

We’re back in Eugene. We loved Ireland.

Prefontaine Classic results.

Jen Miller/NYT: Explaining Your Running Habit on Vacation. And more.

Video: Best hikes in the world. Angels Landing is the only one we’ve done on that list. Yes, it’s beautiful and especially memorable as we did it on our honeymoon. Best hikes are done with people you love. So try to hike with your honey every day.

Books read during the Ireland trip:

How The Irish Saved Civilization

The Maine Woods

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Madonnas of Leningrad. …Terrific. Perhaps our next trip will be to the Hermitage in St. Petersberg. …Book recommended by the sole survivor and art history major, Bryn Mawr class of 1934, soon to be 106.

Book of Evidence. …By Irish author who won Booker Prize (best fiction in English each year).

Churchill And Me

Great Expectations. …You can get great deals for your Kindle with authors whose copyrights have expired. Variously, I have all most all the works of Thoreau, Dickens, Hugo, others for 99 cents or free.

A mystery by Robert B. Parker. Fun, but tossed and I don’t remember it at all.

Ireland, Week Two

Tour details details

Heritage Valley results

When you run to win, time is secondary.

Stretch your thinking

Can Lifestyle Changes Remove Plaques in Your Arteries?

What Can the NBA Playoffs Teach You About Performance?

Q&A with Andrew Murray He owns the lovely hotel we’re staying at on Inishboshin. …I’m on notice we’re not leaving until she witnesses the extremely shy corncrake

There isn’t a single athlete from track and field or road running on ESPN’s annual list of the 100 most famous athletes in sports. Why? Ken Goe reports.

Lazlo Tabori, RIP

Robert Klapper, chief of orthopedic surgery at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, says: You need to respect the pain, because what it’s telling you is to stop.

Pete Magill: Benefits of Speed Training

Why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children

The first session of the Pre Classic is tonight (Friday), and we could all be there to see it for free. Consider.

From Ireland

After a 22 hour marathon from Eugene to San Francisco to London to Shannon. We’re eight hours ahead of PST.

The Wisdom of Running a 2,189-Mile Marathon

Josh Phillips is the creative director for the Oregon track and field team, a job unique in a track and field program. Story.

Ireland is quite different than I’d imagined. The climate and green landscaping resembles Oregon. It’s old. Vacant fields bordered with stone. We visited a Roman Catholic church in Ennis built in 1832. Still in business with daily Mass. Daniel O’Connell, responsible for the emancipation the Irish Catholics, came from Ennis, and it has a grand statute of him. …Talking to an Irish musician, we noted Don’s wives (first cousins) are believed descendants of Irish patriot Charles Stuart Parnell, Don’s last name, and that Don is 44% Irish. He commended the Parnell connection but noted the McLeans were probably dirt poor Scots farmers who migrated to Ireland. …The population is older and thinner in number and pant size. …We haven’t heard any Irish spoken, but the schools are required to teach youngsters to read and speak Gaelic, to what extent I don’t know. Road signs and licence plates are in English and Gaelic. …Way less Japanese cars in Ireland. Ever heard of Skoda? It’s a Czech car, with some Volkswagon connection, that you see on the roads. Not sold in North America. A taxi driver raved about his. …My “full breakfast” today included egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, bread, coffee, and black & white pudding. The latter was a surprise. Scrapple, I think. …Perchance you haven’t experienced scrapple? …The coffee is good here. The coffee in the hotel room is instant, but even that was good. …At the restaurant last night, we had two choices for wine: red or white. But a hundred choices in beer and whiskey. I had a Guinness pint.

Tom Wolfe, RIP …Over the past 53 years, I read and enjoyed all of his books.

Alex Hutchinson: Do Olympic Medalists Live Longer Than Chess Masters?

More on Tom Wolfe. He loved to stir it up.

Sprint training for endurance athletes

Semi-Rad links

Jen Miller/NYT: Runningwith Allergies and other links.

Ken Goe: Nobody likes Galen Rupp?

Weekend, 5/12-13/18

Young Swimmers May Have to Wait to Dress Like Katie Ledecky

Sarah Zorn, the Citadel’s first female regimental commander, is probably smarter and more badass than us. …Pat Conroy, recently deceased, was obsessed with the Citadel and wrote about it all his life. Don was obsessed with Conroy, reading all his books, including the cookbook.

Shanghai Daimond League results

Oslo: Dream Mile Tradition Continues. …Will you disclose your most recent mile time? We will suck if we can’t improve or at least maintain our mile time.

Amby on recent running books.

Richard Russo on Loving Flawed Family Members …Actually, I don’t care to know or listen to your opinions on politics or religion.

Tough read: The Dark Lining of the Prefontaine Mantra: Lessons from Hale Ross’ life at Yale

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Honoring Moms on the Move, and more

PAC-12 Championships this weekend. Details

Silent soccer

Q&A with Phil Knight Most of the 200 million to build the new Hayward Field will come from Uncle Phil. …Shoe Dog is a good read.

Friday, 5/11/18

Last night at the Oregon Track Club 5K. In a mild drizzle, on Pre’s Trail. Results. …Oldest runners? Four 73 year olds. David Elliott is probably the best 70+ in Oregon. …Pre’s Trail video.

The Week That Was

Thursday, 5/10/18

Alex Hutchinson: The Ultimate (Evidence-Based) Guide to Recovery

Video: Running Across California

Video: Look Up. …Reminds me, I just finished Birding Without Borders. Strycker identified 6,042 bird species in one year. Last year, we heard him in person, and bought one of his books. He autographed it with the inscription, “Keep looking up!”

Maybe you should go outside.

Harvard Business Review: The Lie That Perfectionists Tell Themselves

Magness Speaks — Non-Responders: Why Science Conforms to the Average

Wednesday, 5/9/18

How To Run The Lost Coast In Half A Day. Let’s do it! OK, over two days.

Cool video of Truckee ultrarunner Rory Bosio and friends. Here.

Ed Batista: Get Moving!