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Friday, 5/4/18

I Don’t Hike to Lose Weight

When Crappy Gear is OK

Original Dirtbag Alexandra David-Neel Explored Into Her 2nd Century

Nature Is Risky. That’s Why Students Need It. …A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. ~John A. Shedd

Gritty. Boston Marathon pix

Hey! Bloom in your own good time. …Perhaps you remember our Q&A with Colleen Milliman. Becomes a runner at 90. Then first female to race a mile at 91. On Sunday we expect her to break the 800 world record. …Today we interview Suzy Wojcik.

It is dangerous to make everyone go forward by the same road, and worse to measure others by yourself. ~St. Ignatius of Loyola

Foothill Finals results …Signal story.

Steve Magness: We suck at predicting our own behavior. Why we need a coach. Even Magness needs a coach.

“How Do You Read So Many Books?”

Thursday, 5/3/18

Asbel Kiprop, best 1500 runner of the decade, busted. LetsReflect.

Diamond League/Doha tomorrow. Details. With Jenny Simpson and Clayton Murphy. Few other Americans.

Colorado River vs. Colorado?

Health hack for the elderly

Witty, wacky, waggish. And wise? The Redistribution of Sex

Silliness for a slow day. Peter Sellers Reads The Beatles’ “She Loves You” in various accents

Wednesday, 5/2/18

Like: Behind the Scenes of Desiree Linden’s Incredible Boston Marathon Win

Laugh: 100 of the best clean jokes and one-liners/

Race! Every Race is an Opportunity. …At this point, with good or not-so-good results, I’m always happy when I’ve raced.

Justin Gallegos and Nike Flyease in Sports Illustrated

OMG! Americans Are A Lonely Lot, And Young People Bear The Heaviest Burden. …Even with smartphones, cell phones, twitter…?

Ken Goe asks, Can anybody explain what USA Track & Field is doing?

Tuesday, 5/1/18

2018 May OTC Newsletter>

From NYT and probably all you need (or want) to know about Sex, Sport, and Why Track and Field’s New Rules on Intersex Athletes Are Essential

Tips from Desi Linden. …Who knew racing was such a shitty business?

11 Reasons Spring Running is the Absolute Best

Video: Selfies, Millennials, and Narcissism

Are you or someone you know a marathon addict? The Year I Learned to Quit

Alex Hutchinson considers supplements.

Jonathon Marcus: Knowing Is Not Enough

Is Matt Centrowitz Sr. a hardass? Watch. …”There might be some carnage out there.” …Tonight is Don’s track workout with the gang, and coach is cranking it up, some real fast stuff to finish. Who’s nervous?

Must read. The Loving Place for Children That Assumes Beauty

(Mis)education in America