Tuesday, 5/1/18

2018 May OTC Newsletter>

From NYT and probably all you need (or want) to know about Sex, Sport, and Why Track and Field’s New Rules on Intersex Athletes Are Essential

Tips from Desi Linden. …Who knew racing was such a shitty business?

11 Reasons Spring Running is the Absolute Best

Video: Selfies, Millennials, and Narcissism

Are you or someone you know a marathon addict? The Year I Learned to Quit

Alex Hutchinson considers supplements.

Jonathon Marcus: Knowing Is Not Enough

Is Matt Centrowitz Sr. a hardass? Watch. …”There might be some carnage out there.” …Tonight is Don’s track workout with the gang, and coach is cranking it up, some real fast stuff to finish. Who’s nervous?

Must read. The Loving Place for Children That Assumes Beauty

(Mis)education in America

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