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Friday, 5/31/19

So if you/politicians really care about global warming… The Case for Ditching Air Travel

From five years ago: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Diane Leather Breaking the 5 Minute Mile Barrier

Today is the bicentennial of Walt Whitman’s birth. More.

Stockholm Diamond League recap

Eliud’s Diary

Fun stuff: Here’s The Punjabi Call Of The Penguins’ Game-Winner

Thursday, 5/30/19

Do you really need 10,000 steps per day? …Do you really need to watch a screen 12 hours a day?

Rudy Chapa on The Spirit and Magic of Hayward Field

Are we traveling too much?

Running Into Obsession: The Church of Arthur Lydiard

Was walking south this morning at 10:30 AM on on the river trail. Going north were six University of Oregon ladies, running quite fast (and talking), including Jessica Hull, ranked No. 1 in 1500 for the upcoming the NCAA D-1 championships.

Wednesday, 5/29/19

Mediocre As A Man, An NCAA Champ As A Woman

Your Kids Think You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Marcus Aurelius on Embracing Mortality and the Key to Living with Presence

Tuesday, 5/28/19

Just finished Bernd Heinrich’s The Snoring Bird. Fascinating and well done on so many levels. …We also like Why We Run and Racing the Antelope: What Animals Can Teach Us About Running and Life

Now reading Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story. What a character! A bit of a hippie. Wore cast-off rags, a tin pot for a hat, often bare foot. Spent a lot of time in Mansfield, OH, 11 miles from the farm where my mom was raised. She taught in Mansfield before coming to California.

Yikes! The Books of College Libraries Are Turning Into Wallpaper

The Searchers might not be John Wayne’s best movie. Check out Red River.

Yikes again. We all know that families should eat together, but…

Lessons From the Great Antioxidant Lie …Guru Ken Cooper’s Antioxident Revolution got me on the daily “antioxident cocktail” for about a year. A fool, to be sure.

Monday, 5/27/19

An Athlete’s Guide to Aging Gracefully.

Don’t Think Too Hard About Your Foot Strike

How to Tell Your Trail Partner to Slow Down

Why We Run

Weekend, 5/25-26/19

David Epstein: You Don’t Want a Child Prodigy

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Great Expectations for a Return to Racing. When was your last race? Was saddened to hear so many of my Santa Clarita friends, 60 years and older, no longer race. Maybe for good reasons, who knows? I still love it.

Breakfast in Eugene

Friday, 5/24/19

How Selfie Culture Ruins the Great Outdoors for Everyone Else

Lance Armstrong: ‘It wasn’t legal but I wouldn’t change a thing’
…Apparently still unashamed, the poster boy for creepy, bad behavior.

Thursday, 5/23/19

Leaving Depoe Bay.

W.H. Auden Wrote Poetry For a Beautiful Short Film About Running. …Saw him race at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in 1962.

Q&A with David Epstein. The case for trying new things. Our new things: xc skiing and snowshoeing.

Wednesday, 5/22/19

Week That Was. …Don’t miss the story on Angelica Rock.

Twitter is a virus of the mind

Trail Runners Are Lazy Parasites

Interesting throughout: Why I Hope to Die at 75.Q&A with Emanuel. …Don plans to be racing at 75. A new age group.

We’re here. This morning, while doing intervals on the treadmill, an old guy who had just been walking slowly on a treadmill stopped moving and breathing on a weight machine. Another guy and Don got him on his back. I felt a pulse but he was otherwise looking bad. The other guy started pounding his chest and I ran to summon help. The paramedics arrived timely, but found no heart beat and minimal blood pressure. Amazingly, he was back among the living within 5-7 minutes. I’m guessing the guy who pounded his chest saved his life. He had CPR training over 10 years ago. A lot has changed. Shouldn’t we all get trained to help each other? Libbie and Don will sign up very soon to be trained and certified.

Southern Oregon University men are ranked No. 6 in the NAIA. Ryan Alexander, our friend from Southern CA, is in the 1500. Link.

Ken Goe: The NCAA needs to scrap the regional meets and find something better

Tuesday, 5/21/19

Daily routines of famous exercisers

Hidden Shame — Non-Alcoholic Beer Grows Globally, But What About the U.S.? No alcohol for Don since 12/31/18. Not missed.

The greatest long-distance runner you have never heard of

Mountains in my hometown, Los Angeles