Wednesday, 5/22/19

Week That Was. …Don’t miss the story on Angelica Rock.

Twitter is a virus of the mind

Trail Runners Are Lazy Parasites

Interesting throughout: Why I Hope to Die at 75.Q&A with Emanuel. …Don plans to be racing at 75. A new age group.

We’re here. This morning, while doing intervals on the treadmill, an old guy who had just been walking slowly on a treadmill stopped moving and breathing on a weight machine. Another guy and Don got him on his back. I felt a pulse but he was otherwise looking bad. The other guy started pounding his chest and I ran to summon help. The paramedics arrived timely, but found no heart beat and minimal blood pressure. Amazingly, he was back among the living within 5-7 minutes. I’m guessing the guy who pounded his chest saved his life. He had CPR training over 10 years ago. A lot has changed. Shouldn’t we all get trained to help each other? Libbie and Don will sign up very soon to be trained and certified.

Southern Oregon University men are ranked No. 6 in the NAIA. Ryan Alexander, our friend from Southern CA, is in the 1500. Link.

Ken Goe: The NCAA needs to scrap the regional meets and find something better

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