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Wednesday, 6/29/22

How would you like to see Kipchoge and the rest of the best six times in one marathon? The World Athletics Championships will be on a three loop course in Eugene-Springfield, and you can position yourself to conveniently see the the pack twice on each loop. Here.

Tuesday, 6/28/22

Weed users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization

Thursday, 6/23/22

Harvard Medical School: Pot makes you stupid. Way more potent than in the past.

Tuesday, 6/21/22

Bill Walton sez, Hello, World. Meet Oregon!

Monday, 6/20/22

The Ugly Truth About Sitting Too Much

Sunday, 6/19/22

Can we disagree without being disagreeable? Consider.

Friday, 6/17/22

What makes a good life?

Read From Strength to Strength. …Hey, The Dalai Lama liked it.

Tuesday, 6/7/22

Malcolm Gladwell and David Epstein nerding out on running. …here

Monday, 6/6/22

Consider Hayward Field

Saturday, 6/4/22

NYT stories about Kenny Moore and running. Here. …Sign up for a free article on running every Saturday morning.