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Wednesday, 5/8/19

OMG! Smoking pot could get people to exercise more, study shows, Science based on 600 responses via Facebook.

Coca-Cola science

David Epstein: The Peculiar Blindness of Experts

Kipchoge targets immortality

More traces of immortality. A gift for that special person?

Video (0:20): Keeping running

Ken Goe’s take on last night’s TrackTown Tuesday. As it happens, we spent time this morning with a TrackTown USA source. He thinks/methinks all is well. 2020/Hayward Field will be awesome.

Tuesday, 5/7/19

the morning shakeout

Share Mario’s like: Bored and lonely? Blame your phone.

Now reading, slowly and with enjoyment: The Discovery of Slowness.

Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction

Podcasts. Internet for our ears?

Just in from the Harvard Business Review: How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think of You

On the 65th anniversary of the first sub-four. What We Can Learn from Roger Bannister. …Read Twin Tracks: The Autobiography.

Monday, 5/6/19

Kipchoge plans ‘super human’ 1:59 marathon in October. …With gimmicks.

A Simple Solution to Millennial Burnout. Aristotle’s advice was to pursue the golden mean.

While we don’t do religion and politics here, this is irresistible. Richard Holbrooke was a jerk…

Weekend, 5/4-5/19

What No One Is Telling You About Caster Semenya: She Has XY Chromosomes

Jen A. Miller/NYT: The Fear of Trying Again. …The NYT paywall is absent through Sunday. Details.

Against cheerfulness.

Friday, 5/3/19

Our Q&A with Lance Deal, four time Olympian, silver medalist in 1996… May OTC Newsletter. …Here’s a Q&A with Lance in 1994.

Yikes! London Marathon: slower runners ‘harrassed’ to speed up

Seven Big Misconceptions About Heredity. …I’m still looking for my fast gene. In the sixth grade, Big Sis was the fastest kid at Bushnell Way Elementary.

Video (3:13): The Secrets of Extreme Breath Holding

The most energy-efficient downhill slope is (depending on various parameters) around 10%. Any steeper than that and it starts getting more costly again. ~Alex Hutchinson

Thursday, 5/2/19

Ross Tucker: Is It Kipchoge Or Is It The Shoes?

The 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles is going to clear an absurd amount of money, about a billion dollars. Read.

Wednesday, 5/1/19

Court Upholds Rules Barring Women With High Testosterone From Track Races

Magness: Overtraining: Three Strategies to Reset Your Body

Go slow. …Only fast with your intervals. …More Carl Honore. …(He talks fast.)