Tuesday, 5/28/19

Just finished Bernd Heinrich’s The Snoring Bird. Fascinating and well done on so many levels. …We also like Why We Run and Racing the Antelope: What Animals Can Teach Us About Running and Life

Now reading Johnny Appleseed: The Man, the Myth, the American Story. What a character! A bit of a hippie. Wore cast-off rags, a tin pot for a hat, often bare foot. Spent a lot of time in Mansfield, OH, 11 miles from the farm where my mom was raised. She taught in Mansfield before coming to California.

Yikes! The Books of College Libraries Are Turning Into Wallpaper

The Searchers might not be John Wayne’s best movie. Check out Red River.

Yikes again. We all know that families should eat together, but…

Lessons From the Great Antioxidant Lie …Guru Ken Cooper’s Antioxident Revolution got me on the daily “antioxident cocktail” for about a year. A fool, to be sure.

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