Weekend, 5/12-13/18

Young Swimmers May Have to Wait to Dress Like Katie Ledecky

Sarah Zorn, the Citadel’s first female regimental commander, is probably smarter and more badass than us. …Pat Conroy, recently deceased, was obsessed with the Citadel and wrote about it all his life. Don was obsessed with Conroy, reading all his books, including the cookbook.

Shanghai Daimond League results

Oslo: Dream Mile Tradition Continues. …Will you disclose your most recent mile time? We will suck if we can’t improve or at least maintain our mile time.

Amby on recent running books.

Richard Russo on Loving Flawed Family Members …Actually, I don’t care to know or listen to your opinions on politics or religion.

Tough read: The Dark Lining of the Prefontaine Mantra: Lessons from Hale Ross’ life at Yale

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Honoring Moms on the Move, and more

PAC-12 Championships this weekend. Details

Silent soccer

Q&A with Phil Knight Most of the 200 million to build the new Hayward Field will come from Uncle Phil. …Shoe Dog is a good read.

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