Tuesday, 3/17/20

Craig Leener, a great friend in Southern California, is interviewed on NPR.

His books are available on Amazon, $9.99 for the paper, $4.99 on Kindle. I read the first book three times.

Quick story. Vince McGrath, a fellow runner, and I organized the first Beast race, a 4.86 mile, 2000 foot climb to the peak of a prominent mountain in Santa Clarita, CA. At the top, on a (rare) clear day, you could see Catalina.

Leener, a local sportswriter, not a runner, and two other journalists hiked the Beast and publicized the event. Thereafter, on the second Saturday in December, the event attracted a lot of runners. We charged a fee and provided a cool Beast shirt. Every cent collected went to the local Food Pantry, over $5,000. We could do that because Leener leaned on his entrepreneurial brother to contribute the shirts. I still wear my last one on runs alongside the Willamette River.

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