Weekend, 3/2-3/19

Michael Johnson reflects on recovery from stroke

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Active Recovery. With great links.

On Sunday, because of the ice and cold (30 degrees), the TrackTown Fitness Sunday workout was indoors at The Moshofsky Center. Nice.

Vin’s form advice for the day. 1. Arms swing forward, up and down, hands from hips to nipple line or above. 2. Land on mid foot. 3. Run tall. …Ben Blankenship, finalist in the last Olympic 1500, was there to model.

WWII vet celebrates 100th birthday with a 5K. Video. …No, you’re not too old.

Friday, 3/1/19

March Oregon Track Newsletter here. Includes our Q&A with Harvey Lewellyn, 90, and a world champion thrower. …I’d trade our house cat for his hairline, but she says no.

Video: Watch an 85 Year Old Run a Trail Marathon

A Frederick Douglass Reading List.

Tim Tibow on motivation

Alberto Salazar sez: Kejelcha gunning for world records on Sunday.

Thursday, 2/28/19

So Who Is The G.O.A.T. Of Track & Field?

The Amazing Athing Mu

Study: Kids Who Spend Time in Nature Become Happier Adults. …Only if it includes Wi-Fi access?

BBYO IC 2019 Plenary Speakers: John Truax and Justin Gallegos (Nike)

Wednesday, 2/27/19

Yesterday we shoveled out our huge driveway, again the pride of the neighborhood. Now this morning under another four inches of snow.

What Push-Ups Can Tell You About Heart Health. …Push-ups? See what you can do, if you can survive shoveling snow.

Heart health? In the next day or so we will post a Q&A with Harvey Lewellyn, now 90, a world class thrower, a career logger, topping 200′ trees with a 36″ chainsaw. …I just emailed him Conversations With My Friend Old Doug, the Fir Tree

Becca Gillespy Peter/Facebook: I’m tired of USATF and IAAF crippling our sport.

Tuesday, 2/26/19

10 to 12 inches at our place in Eugene, on a cul de sac. Not plowed, and won’t be.

Vin files grievance, asks to be reinstated immediately.

118 Miles in 118 Seconds: My Longest “Day” on the Pacific Crest Trail

The curse of the precocious athlete

Sissy weather reports are keeping an increasingly inert population inside

Snowday, 2/25/19

Six to ten inches in Eugene.

USATF Board Forces Vin Lananna to Use Grievance to Win Presidency Back

A cultural history of fat.

Why I Still Have Stress Dreams About Running Track

The Munger Operating System: How to Live a Life That Really Works

New Nike logo?

Watch Athing Mu break the American Record.

Weekend, 2/23-24/19

The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time

Going it alone: What drives solo endurance athletes?

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Running. With great links.

In Eugene, and probably your town too, the Indoor Championships will be televised on Saturday at 3:30 PM on NBCSN, at 1 PM on Sunday. …Results.

Perhaps the next (even better?) Ajee Wilson. Athing Mu …5-10, 124, DOB 6/8/2002

Athing Mu wins, new American record. Results.

Friday, 2/22/19

USA Indoor Track & Field Championship preview.Schedule and TV information

It’s time to let Vin Lananna lead

Thursday, 2/21/19

The USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships will be this weekend. Details. …On Saturday the USATF Board of Directors will meet in a secure bunker. The fate of Vin Lananna, their President on leave for the past 12 months, will be discussed. It’s believed they will have a meeting with Vin on Sunday, almost certainly not one involving prayer or joking around.

Video: Ingebrigtsen sets World Junior Record & defeats WR Holder Tefera

The Library Book. When working or living in the area, I used to hang out there. Recommended.

How to travel to India.

A Neuroscientist Explores The Biology Of Addiction In ‘Never Enough’

Gymnastics then and now

Wednesday, 2/20/19

Tefera races today in Dusselldorf. Only 19 years old. …Entire meet on free live stream.

100 year avalanche on Mt. Shasta. …No. 1 son lives at 3600′ in Mt. Shasta City.