Wednesday, 10/2/19

Parkrun’s community feel inspires devotion. …Great idea!

Tuesday, 10/1/19

Alberto Salazar has been hit with a four-year doping ban. …Read the report.

Doha’s empty seats tell tale of corruption… Errors in the penultimate paragraph. Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, 107 miles north of Eugene. Also, Eugene was reknown for running long before Nike existed. Ever heard of Bill Hayward and Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon? And finally, Eugene is crazy about running. The 2021 World Champs will be tough, pricey ticket, a sell-out at every session.

Monday, 9/30/19

The World Championships in Doha, Qatar, have been plagued by pathetic attendance.

Sunday, 9/29/19

Jim Hunt, a great coach at Humboldt State, died recently. He was associated with a must-see video, The Harriers. …To your life list, add a visit to Eureka, Arcata, and the awesome park-redwood forest behind Humboldt. And run on the long, lonely spit in Eureka, especially on a foggy morning. (Most mornings are foggy.)

Sunday, 9/22/19

We’re weekending in Oakridge, about midpoint on the Oregon Timber Trail. It’s considered the mountain biker equivalent of the PCT. Interesting, eh?

We’re staying at the Oakridge Lodge. Very nice. 85% of their customers are mountain bikers.

Friday, 9/20/19

Chasing the One Percent—Lessons from the INEOS 1:59 Challenge

How to Build Good Habits

Thursday, 9/19/19

NBC News’ Climate Confessions. …Do you know anyone, including politicians, who live actually walk the walk, don’t drive, don’t fly, strict vegans…? I don’t.

Wednesday, 9/18/19

Alysha Montano to receive World Championship bronze medals.> Finally! The Russian was busted years ago.

Summit High School Girls, Bend Oregon, Nike Nationals Championship Team, 2018 Training Plan

Tuesday, 9/17/19

The Biggest Problem With the American Diet. We have apple trees. We eat plenty and sauce a lot. Oddly, aside from the mission, there are only a few friends and neighbors who want free apples.

Orcas Island. We love it.

Sunday, 9/15/19

Lotsa rain. Too much to go outside and play.

Instead I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers. Terrific.