Monday, 11/11/19

Honor the vets.

Even Endurance Athletes Need to Sprint

Video: Cutting Open The Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%

Friday, 11/8/19

This Family of 6 Just Crushed the PCT. …Tougher than thee and me.

Thursday, 11/7/19

Why We Wish for Wilderness

Wednesday, 11/6/19

Just in from 1959. Video (29:25): Pacific Crest Trail: A Ride to Remember

Tuesday, 11/5/19

A Winter Marathon in Millinocket, Maine?

Monday, 11/4/19

Our interview with John Altendorf, best 73 year old pole vaulter in the world, here.

Sunday, 11/3/19

Meb says everyone should run at least one marathon

Don ran his annual 10 trail race. Results. Elevation gain is 2070 feet. About 16 minutes slower than last year. Two reasons. 1. Seriously older. 2. Went almost a mile off coarse following others younger and dumber. OK, maybe not all dumber since I’ve done that race before.

Saturday, 11/2/19

NYT Links. We especially like Meet Memo, the Marie Kondo of Fitness.

Friday, 11/1/19

What’s so super about super foods? …When we moved to Eugene, there were six, somewhat aging blueberry plants. Now we have 27.

What would happen in an apocalyptic blackout? …Big Sis lives in Sonoma County. Her power was out four days. Her daughter, my niece, lives on a remote mountain in Sonoma County. Her power was out for nine days.

Thursday, 10/31/19

Get started. Keep going. Stop.

Meet the Eighty-Six-Year-Old Running the New York City Marathon