Wednesday, 12/4/19

Peloton exercise bike ad mocked as being ‘sexist’ and ‘dystopian’

Monday, 12/2/19

What Would It Take to Run a 1:50 Marathon?

Stop Obsessing Over Sleep …A friend works with a sleep therapist, but without success. Don asks, “Ever consider foregoing coffee and wine?” “Never,” friend says.

Sunday, 12/1/19

Do the Flop

Read the book. …Selected Book of the Year by the Track & Field Writers of America.

My next Q&A is with Bob Welch.

Black Friday, 11/28/19

Re that face sucking gizmo

Lee Child: How to make a hero

Q&A with Jim and Carol McLatchie

Best prep cross country coaches in the United States?
Read here.

Wednesday, 11/27/19

Old? Knee damaged? Run a marathon.

Tuesday, 11/26/19

The right workout routine can help fight dementia. …And help you maintain, even improve your 5K time.

Monday, 11/25/19

Heart Health Data on Extreme Exercise. …”“show me the bodies in the streets.” …I retired after high school, a 22 year smoke break, a runner ever since. 35 years later, I can’t recall any runner I’ve known dropping dead from a heart attack.


Why Ultrarunning Success Is Hard to Predict

A 17 Mile Hike to Unite San Francisco

Climbing Mt. Rainier in a Single Push

Friday, 11/15/19

How To Go For A Run In 22 Easy Simple Steps