Monday, 5/3/21

Ultimate endurance? 438 Days: An Extraordinary True Story of Survival at Sea …David Epstein does a Q&A with the author …here

Saturday, 5/1/21

Possibly the posting of the month. David Epstein Q&A with Alex Hutchinson

Friday, 4/30/21

The reading list of philosopher John Stuart Mill, ages 3–7. …Here.


Monday, 4/26/21

Who is the world’s all time worst person/killer? Consider

Just finished The Private Life of Chairman Mao

Also excellent, Becoming Madame Mao …She was arrested and imprisoned after his death. After five years, with throat cancer, she was released. Lynched herself in the hospital.

Saturday, 4/17/21

Q&A with Malcolm Gladwell

Wednesday, 4/14/21

Des Linden Sets the 50K World Record …Obliterated the old, I’d say. Doing loops on the Dorena Lake trail near Eugene.

See Running World Records

Monday, 4/12/21

Are you a person, place or thing? …Read. If you can’t access, Google neopronoun. Nutty times.

Against alcohol

Saturday, 4/10/21

Fly Eugene to Hollywood-Burbank for $19. …Consider

Friday, 4/9/21

How to Hold on to Your Sprint Speed as You Age

Thursday, 4/8/21

Ryan Hall Now Deadlifts More Than 500 Pounds