Thursday, 8/8/19

To Delay Death, Lift Weights

On Vacation

All is well.

Friday, 8/2/19

Are we eating ourselves and our planet to death?

Thursday, 8/1/19

Our story on Bill McChesney in the August 2019 OTC Newsletter

Wednesday, 7/31/19

Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Great?

Nine-Year-Old Runs Ridiculous 400m!

Video (4:59): Jacob Ingebrightsen: The Kid That Just Keeps Getting Faster

The Biggest Myth About Muscle “Burn” and Soreness

Q&A with Harvey Lewellen, world record holder for 90 year old hammer throwers. Here.

Tree-huggers flock to Google summit in private jets, mega yachts to talk climate change

119 Years Old and Winning Marathons—Or Not?

Four years ago. Justin Gallegos and Emma Coburn

Tuesday, 7/30/19

The wisdom of Herb Elliott.

Ref has track speed!

Ken Goe: The domestic season comes to an end, and we say goodbye until 2020: Oregon track & field rundown. Sigh. We check in every day.

Monday, 7/29/19

Video: Dalilah Muhammad breaks world record in 400 hurdles at US Nationals

Shouldn’t USATF find a way to fill the stadium for a national championship?

Fitness trackers are good for your health, but…

Triathlons Fight Decline

Thru-Hiking NYC. Why not give it a shot in your area? Best done with someone you love. Or at least someone you find tolerable and/or puts up with you.

Or Thru-Biking the Sierra

Americans Are Not Getting the Message About Exercising More and Sitting Less

Hell is Other Internet People. …Don?

Haters Can Be Your Ultimate Fuel Source! …Read the book. Can’t Hurt Me

Ken Goe: NBC broadcast went dark just as Dalilah Muhammad was about to set a world record. Another mis-communication between USATF, NBC, and the public.

Weekend, 7/27-28/19

Staying Safe in the Sizzling Sidewalk Season …With NYT links.

Chewing Bubble Gum and Kicking Ass. An update on Nick Symmonds. Now back in Eugene. On Thursday he ran 11.5 in the 100 (in 90 degree weather) at the local All-Comers.

Springfield/Eugene to build indoor track facility

The ‘balance of nature’ is an enduring concept. But it’s wrong.

Against mindfulness

Why Are We Obsessed With Other People’s Daily Habits?

The United States imported nearly 2 billion pounds of Hass avocados from Mexico in 2018. ~New York Times, 7/28/19

Thursday, 7/25/19

Killian Jornet on running vs walking economy

Bringing Clarity to the Murky World of Sports Supplements

Is Medicine Overrated?

Does Alcohol Affect Your Running?

Consider The Hell Ultra.

Ken Goe: Vin Lananna watches from the sideline as USATF stumbles and fumbles

1st day results for USATF Outdoor Championships

Wednesday, 7/24/19

Track and Field’s Shoe Rule Makes No Sense – Might Sifan Hassan’s WR Need To Be Invalidated? Amen.

Prominent football coach hates your gizmo

Ticket prices/locations for the 2020 Olympic Trials at the new Hayward Field.