Wednesday, 9/22/21

Alex Hutchinson: Nature Is Medicine. But What’s The Right Dose? …Check your home address. No. 1 son lives in Mt. Shasta, CA and gets an impressive 87. We live very close to a green belt and the Willamette River. Our score is 58. Our prior residence in Santa Clarita gets a 20.

Tuesday, 9/21/21

San Francisco marathoners were required to wear masks on some portions of the course. …,Meanwhile

Friday, 9/17/21

Last night we ran a 5K at Dorris Ranch. Results. …Sorta tough. On rocky truck and scattered filbert trails. Pretty, though. My time was almost three minutes slower than the recent 5K on pancake flat streets in downtown Eugene.

Dorris Ranch at 115 m.p.h. video. Best viewed with the sound off.

Tuesday, 9/14/21

Diary entry by a Portland, Oregon citizen dated 9/14/1927, approximately four months after Lindbergh’s historic flight from New York to Paris:

On September 14, 1927, Charles “Lindy” Lindberg made a triumphal tour through Portland. His welcome included a parade, a banquet at the old Multnomah Hotel and a radio broadcast to children. According to the Oregon Journal, his reception was, “the greatest Portland has ever accorded anyone.” Before the ‘Lone Eagle’s” departure, local mechanic Danny Greco fixed a hole in the Spirit’s elevator, apparently torn by a stick kicked up during the land on the Swan Island runway which was unsurfaced and unmarked then. On Lindy’s flight south, he dropped leaflets over Eugene and other points reading “Greetings from Lindbergh.”

Monday, 9/13/21

How To Read

38 and a school teacher, not a professional athlete. Watch

Sunday, 9/12/21

Dolly Parton loves Eugene, Oregon

My Summer Vacation

Everesting? Let’s get real. , Of course you would have to start at sea level, the Bay of Bengal, then trek 700 miles in rough terrain to Everest proper, then base camp at 9383′ And then it gets scary, very dangerous, 308 dying and frozen in place, in the battle to the top..

The current Everesting mania is associated with Strava and like profit and rule making plans. Silly and ripe for fraud.

The hell with that. My rules. I run up and down Spencer Butte (about 1700′) or Skinner Butte (250′). Tough stuff. But at 120 pounds and a shuffling stride, hills are easier for me. Starting easy, the time on foot steadily increased. As did strength and race speed.

Roughly, it takes two hours to run up and down Skinner Butte eight times, roughly 2000 feet of elevation gain. On my next Everesting adventure perhaps I’ll do some 2500′ sessions.

Mt. Everest is 29,032. I went 30,090 as I did a bit of walking, almost certainly less than 1000, hence the decision to compensate.

No witnesses. Fitbit counted each session’s elevation gain.

7/4 Spenser 1790
7/6 Skinner 1030
7/15 Skinner 1330
7/18 Spenser 1410
7/20 Skinner 1480
7/24 Spenser 1570
7/29 Skinner 1520
7/31 Skinner 2140
8/3 Skinner 2000
8/7 Skinner 2110
8/10 Skinner 2040
8/12 Skinner 2050
8/15 Skinner 2260
8/24 Skinner 1600
8/26 Spencer 1420
Skinner 850
8/28 Skinner 2050
8/30 Skinner 1540

Total: 30,090

Credo: When in doubt, run uphill

Thursday, 9/2/21

Six Million Steps in a 70-Pound Bear Suit

Friday, 8/27/21

Pre Caution

Monday, 8/23/21

Amby Burfoot: What Makes Kipchoge So Good

New speed golf world record. Story.… a 1-under par 72 and completed the course in just 50 minutes and 48 seconds. The course is more than a 5K.

Age-graded results at yesterday’s Butte to Butte 5K here. Milliman and Gerl are off-the-chart competitors. We did Q&As on both about three years ago. I was shocked and delighted with my 25:24. That’s about where I was when a punk 73.