Book Review

By Edmund Morris
634 pages, Random House, 2019

It’s terrific. America’s (maybe world’s) best inventor,
Edison’s bulb lit up the world. He was also very strange and a bad dad, husband, and business man, often near bankruptcy. But he could jump?. Challenged by Henry Ford at a party, Edison, 68, kicked a chandelier, smashing it to smithereens. OTC’s John Altendorf, 73, world age group champion pole vaulter, said with practice his best possible chandelier kick would fall short at six feet.

Thursday, 2/6/20

Turn off the caffeine machine? Read.

Tuesday, 2/4/20


Super-short intervals with even shorter recoveries

Saturday, 2/1/20

2020 February OTC Newsletter. Includes Don’s book review.

NYT Running links

Friday, 1/31/20

I Am 35 and Running Faster Than I Ever Thought Possible …35 or 70, I think you can too.

Wednesday, 1/29/20

Best sprinter. Sugar Ray Leonard, Bjorn Borg, Wayne Gretsky, or Pele? …Watch

Monday, 1/27/20

Read Your Inability to Do Pullups Is All in Your Head. …I have good upper body strength (he says), but I can only do one. That will change. I swear, I will do ten by 12/31/20. Will keep you posted. BTW, Christie Aschwanden wrote an excellent book on fitness, Good to Go

Alex Hutchinson: How to Make Your Strength Routine Evidence-Based

PCT Demographics

Friday, 1/24/20

Amby Burfoot: A New Rule Limiting Vaporfly-Like Shoes Is Coming Soon. Maybe.

Historical Badass: Remembering Mt. Rainier Legend Dee Molenaar

Fruit fly treadmill?

Wednesday, 1/22/20

Kipchoge: Bring on Bekele, sport is about challenges …Kipchoge is a reader! What, no smart phone?

Friday, 1/17/20

Eugene ranked 7th trending destination worldwide by Airbnb