Thursday, 12/7/17

On the joys of running with others.

Hug It Out, Man

Q&A with Mariah Castillo

Best Prep Running Program in California?

What does it take to run a sub-3 marathon? …Helpful?

Why Los Angeles is Burning

Loved this one from Amby Burfoot: The Endless Toil of the Somewhat Grumpy, Fiercely Independent, Formerly Fast Meteorologist-Turned Big Data Guy. …Ever been to The Lost Coast? No, I haven’t either. Must do in 2018. The lady who allows me house privileges has a great story about being lost in Petrolia, asking directions. Petrolia, by the way, is so out of the way that my spell check refuses to acknowledge its existence. …I’m very familiar with Eureka and Arcada, as my brother in law lives in the area. Curious, fun area; a must see. Don’t miss the redwood forest behind Humboldt State.

Semi-Rad: Put More Self-Flagellation In Your Vacation

Best Generals All Time? Interesting, eh? But what I’d really like to see is the best cross country/running (prep/college/elite) coaches all time. Please forward ASAP.

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