Friday, 12/8/17

Breaking news. Results from the 2017 High Desert 50k Ultra and 2017 High Desert 30k. Rolling desert terrain on jeep roads, single track trails, and sandy washes, with elevation. Older/tougher (than thee and me) SCV friends in race::

Denis Trafecanty, 75, 7:24:46

Glenda Kimmerly, only 66, 4:20:20
Marv Powers, 89, 5:29:42
Gaylon Rodin, 75, 5:37:59
Patricia Devita, 83, 6:01:23

The event used to include a marathon. I ran it once and won (over about a dozen other sissies, not tough enough to do the 50K). Will never forget the shock and awe of a huge explosion several miles away during the race. The course is near the Naval Weapons Center, and some ordinance was detonated on that clear and cold Sunday morning

Meanwhile, per pending lawsuit, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon grabbed, drugged, and threatened…

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