Wednesday, 1/24/18

Why are runners dumping the Nike Oregon Project?

Katelyn Tuohy, only 15, is amazing. Here’s why.

Can Climbing Mountains Make You Crazy? …Can ultrarunning make you crazy? Ask Dean Karnazes, others. Lots of stories about seeing, hearing, thinking crazy stuff after 12 hours of continuous running.

The Continental Divide Trail in One Second per Day

Best Exercises for a Strong Back. I like the Concept 2 rower at the gym, and often use that as a warm up for the treadmill, going about 10 minutes, 1700 meters. …In my next life, taller and more muscular, I want to be a rower. …Recommended: The Amateurs and The Boys in the Boat

Q&A with Steve Magness. …Recommended: Peak Performance

Q&A with Dorothy Parker. Very funny lady.

Inactivity, not running is bad for your knees

Amazon Go. The only one is in Seattle. Probably coming to your town soon. More.

I love Tibetan Peach Pie

More on Katelyn Tuohy

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