Thursday, 1/25/18

NYT: The Mysterious Interior World of Exercise

NYT: How Smartphone Addiction Kills Manners and Moods

You shouldn’t rely on coffee or beer for daily hydration. More

We can’t normalize bigger, faster, farther anymore

Every step of practice should be directed to making the athlete better. …Fun rant.

Wise: Tyler Cowen’s 12 rules for life

Ever wonder about Philadelphia? …People I love dearly lived there. As did Ben Franklin. Birth place of the United States. Franklin Field. (Hayward Field is historic, but not as much as Franklin Field.) Killer museums and historic sites. Was often there for business stuff, mostly with Philadelphia lawyers. One day I was walking out of my hotel, and there was Dennis Olsen, my good running buddy from Santa Clarita, also there on business. So of course we went for a run.

Semi-Rad: None Of This Makes Any Sense And That’s Just Fine

Eugene is TurkeyTown USA

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