Ireland, Week Two

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Heritage Valley results

When you run to win, time is secondary.

Stretch your thinking

Can Lifestyle Changes Remove Plaques in Your Arteries?

What Can the NBA Playoffs Teach You About Performance?

Q&A with Andrew Murray He owns the lovely hotel we’re staying at on Inishboshin. …I’m on notice we’re not leaving until she witnesses the extremely shy corncrake

There isn’t a single athlete from track and field or road running on ESPN’s annual list of the 100 most famous athletes in sports. Why? Ken Goe reports.

Lazlo Tabori, RIP

Robert Klapper, chief of orthopedic surgery at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, says: You need to respect the pain, because what it’s telling you is to stop.

Pete Magill: Benefits of Speed Training

Why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children

The first session of the Pre Classic is tonight (Friday), and we could all be there to see it for free. Consider.

From Ireland

After a 22 hour marathon from Eugene to San Francisco to London to Shannon. We’re eight hours ahead of PST.

The Wisdom of Running a 2,189-Mile Marathon

Josh Phillips is the creative director for the Oregon track and field team, a job unique in a track and field program. Story.

Ireland is quite different than I’d imagined. The climate and green landscaping resembles Oregon. It’s old. Vacant fields bordered with stone. We visited a Roman Catholic church in Ennis built in 1832. Still in business with daily Mass. Daniel O’Connell, responsible for the emancipation the Irish Catholics, came from Ennis, and it has a grand statute of him. …Talking to an Irish musician, we noted Don’s wives (first cousins) are believed descendants of Irish patriot Charles Stuart Parnell, Don’s last name, and that Don is 44% Irish. He commended the Parnell connection but noted the McLeans were probably dirt poor Scots farmers who migrated to Ireland. …The population is older and thinner in number and pant size. …We haven’t heard any Irish spoken, but the schools are required to teach youngsters to read and speak Gaelic, to what extent I don’t know. Road signs and licence plates are in English and Gaelic. …Way less Japanese cars in Ireland. Ever heard of Skoda? It’s a Czech car, with some Volkswagon connection, that you see on the roads. Not sold in North America. A taxi driver raved about his. …My “full breakfast” today included egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, bread, coffee, and black & white pudding. The latter was a surprise. Scrapple, I think. …Perchance you haven’t experienced scrapple? …The coffee is good here. The coffee in the hotel room is instant, but even that was good. …At the restaurant last night, we had two choices for wine: red or white. But a hundred choices in beer and whiskey. I had a Guinness pint.

Tom Wolfe, RIP …Over the past 53 years, I read and enjoyed all of his books.

Alex Hutchinson: Do Olympic Medalists Live Longer Than Chess Masters?

More on Tom Wolfe. He loved to stir it up.

Sprint training for endurance athletes

Semi-Rad links

Jen Miller/NYT: Runningwith Allergies and other links.

Ken Goe: Nobody likes Galen Rupp?

Weekend, 5/12-13/18

Young Swimmers May Have to Wait to Dress Like Katie Ledecky

Sarah Zorn, the Citadel’s first female regimental commander, is probably smarter and more badass than us. …Pat Conroy, recently deceased, was obsessed with the Citadel and wrote about it all his life. Don was obsessed with Conroy, reading all his books, including the cookbook.

Shanghai Daimond League results

Oslo: Dream Mile Tradition Continues. …Will you disclose your most recent mile time? We will suck if we can’t improve or at least maintain our mile time.

Amby on recent running books.

Richard Russo on Loving Flawed Family Members …Actually, I don’t care to know or listen to your opinions on politics or religion.

Tough read: The Dark Lining of the Prefontaine Mantra: Lessons from Hale Ross’ life at Yale

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Honoring Moms on the Move, and more

PAC-12 Championships this weekend. Details

Silent soccer

Q&A with Phil Knight Most of the 200 million to build the new Hayward Field will come from Uncle Phil. …Shoe Dog is a good read.

Friday, 5/11/18

Last night at the Oregon Track Club 5K. In a mild drizzle, on Pre’s Trail. Results. …Oldest runners? Four 73 year olds. David Elliott is probably the best 70+ in Oregon. …Pre’s Trail video.

The Week That Was

Thursday, 5/10/18

Alex Hutchinson: The Ultimate (Evidence-Based) Guide to Recovery

Video: Running Across California

Video: Look Up. …Reminds me, I just finished Birding Without Borders. Strycker identified 6,042 bird species in one year. Last year, we heard him in person, and bought one of his books. He autographed it with the inscription, “Keep looking up!”

Maybe you should go outside.

Harvard Business Review: The Lie That Perfectionists Tell Themselves

Magness Speaks — Non-Responders: Why Science Conforms to the Average

Wednesday, 5/9/18

How To Run The Lost Coast In Half A Day. Let’s do it! OK, over two days.

Cool video of Truckee ultrarunner Rory Bosio and friends. Here.

Ed Batista: Get Moving!

Tuesday, 5/8/18

American Heart Association: Five healthy habits may add more than a decade to life

Like: Tempo. Good photos.

Jane Brody/NYT: How to Avoid Burnout in Youth Sports

Brad Stulberg: Don’t Lose Your Edge as You Age

Every Google search results in CO2 emissions. We’re all polluters, more or less.

Juicy tidbits on the Hayward Field’s hallowed, historic, splintered, cried over East Grandstand and the race video with teen Jakob Ingebrigtsen handing it to the Olympians, thanks Ken Goe.

Monday, 5/7/18

Hayward Classic results.

Check out Stuart McMillan’s Very Stable Idiot Week

Treadmills Were Meant To Be Atonement Machines

Dave Barry’s Manliness Manifesto

Diversity? …Chilling: Growing Up Jewish in D.C.

…epic 4 x 400 leg where she walked down an Olympian who had a 2.8 second lead.

Q&A with Suzy Wojcik

Suzy Wojcik is 76 and knows how to throw her weight around. In 2017, Suzy was age group ranked 4th in the U.S. hammer, 4th in the weight throw, and 2nd in the world superweight competition. In 2018, Suzy is 1st in the U.S in the hammer and weight throw. Suzy was raised in Palo Alto, Calif., and early on played sports, her specialties being swimming, basketball, and volleyball. She lettered in basketball and volleyball. She was an avid cyclist, tennis player, and golfer. After 25 years as a certified volunteer track official, she attained emeritus status.. In 1992 Suzy met Jerry Wojcik at the OTCM annual dinner and later they married.. When not competing, Suzy and Jerry roam the west in their 1987 Westfalia Vanagon.

1. Unusual for girls of your era, you competed for Palo Alto High School against other area schools. In what sports? How intense was the training? With the same level of coaching and support?

I competed in basketball, swimming, and volleyball for the high school and our coaching staff was excellent. We had daily practices and competed on a regular schedule.

2. Any sports or other outside sporting activities during your 29 years of marriage? Were Rich and Rebecca involved in youth sports? If so, in what way were you supportive?

I loved to play golf as an adult and played in club competition. Rich played basketball, and Rebecca played volleyball. Our whole family was active in cycling and did frequent touring and also organized rides.

3. You traveled around the world attending meets for National Masters News, undoubtedly meeting a constellation of geezer gods and goddesses. Name and describe a few of your favorites.

We loved the travel for NMN and I was active in the politics for the USATF masters committee as secretary and then vice chair. We met many of the top masters athletes all over the world and went to meets in Gateshead, England; Brisbane, Australia; Kamloops, Canada; and Durbin, South Africa.

4. You are among an honored gang of serious, loyal, and longtime Hayward track officials. Plainly, there is no Tracktown USA, indisputably center of U.S. track & field that is Eugene without the officials and volunteers. It’s hard work. What’s the inside story that keeps the dedication and excellence alive?

These officials love the sport and most are dedicated to becoming long term officials. Many work for 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years.

5. What’s the usual and/or Wojcik training for senior throwers? What’s a typical week?

Including strength training at the gym, we throw at the local field, often South Eugene High School.

6. What are some of the tough choices you’ve made that made you who you are?

Deciding not to fold after my first marriage ended after 29 years. I made the decision to look forward, not back, and made a new life for myself. I find myself not the slightest bit sorry about choices I have made that opened up my world and gave me a new start and new perspective.

7. Name three of your personal heroes, and why you admire them so much.

1. My father. He was much admired because of his ability to achieve many things ahead of his time, and because he was a multi-sport athlete, champion sprinter and quarterback, and well respected for his devotion to equality for
all mankind.

2. My sister Nancy since she has suffered much through the death of a spouse. She creates wonderful life-sized sculpture with her work in bronze and ceramics, and is gifted with ability to counsel her friends and family.

3. Lance Deal, because he has strength of character, talent, and the ability to focus on the goal at hand.

8. What special moment or insight caused your devotion to track and field?

I worked at the finish line as a timer during the WAVA world masters games in 1989. It was a life changing experience that caused many changes in my life, and a dedication to participation both as an official and competitor.

9. Quotes you live by, or quote often.

“Get on with it” “Go forward, not back.” “Work hard, and have fun doing it.”

10. What stuff do you do, besides throwing, that most people would consider insane?

I take my VW Westfalia out and go on long trips to Vanagon events like Busses By The Bridge in Lake Havasu, Ariz., or go to a gathering of Vanagons and VW Busses to an outing called Descend On Bend, by The Hole in the Ground, with 500+ other like-minded crazy people. We listen to music, gather around the campfire, and examine each others Vans. It’s a big party, really, with a lot of different people who have done remarkable upgrades to their Vanagons.

Weekend, 5/5-6/18

How Heart Rate Variability Tells You When to Hammer. Too techy for most of us?

Video: Why Run 100 Miles?

Magness: How to spot bad science and fads. …How ’bout gear obsession? I don’t care about your shoes.

Nick Willis on Kiprop

Jen Miller/NYT: Race Volunteers, Sunscreen, Ticks, etc.

Parenting by Bill and Melinda Gates. No cell phones until age 14.

Ken Goe/Oregonian: Galen Rupp and Chris Derrick deliver. …And more

Colleen Milliman, 92, smashes 800 world record for 92 year olds. Video. …Conditions were very good. Cloudy. Low 50s.