Wednesday, 11/21/18

Alex Hutchinson: How Do Nike’s Vaporfly 4% Shoes Actually Work?

15 year old freed the Nose on El Capitan. …I wasn’t doing anything noteworthy that day. You?

Time to sign up for The Master’s University Winter 5K.

85-Year-Old Marathoner on Her 10-Mile Daily Runs, Fad Diets, and the Problem With Men Her Age

Why 10,000 steps?

Pondering Football’s Toll

Our friend is turning 106. Likes to read. Our last gift was Chernow’s Hamilton, and she loved it, but it took her two months to read it. After checking with her daughter (older than Don), we decided to gift her with this and this. …BTW, her daughter is into 10,000 steps and owns at least 10,000 books.

NYT: Regular Exercise May Keep Your Body 30 Years ‘Younger’

Tuesday, 11/20/18

the morning shakeout

Video: HS football player sings National Anthem

How a 6-Year-Old Survived Being Lost in the Woods. …We’ve vacationed in the Wallowa mountains. Hiked, hiked, and then hiked some more. Loved it. Stayed here.

Father-son team tackle infamous desert ultramarathon

Joy in aging

The Best Coach Ever

Consider plogging while jogging

Monday, 11/19/18

Oxford remembers life of Sir Roger Bannister. …What a guy! Read Twin Tracks: The Autobiography

The 9-Word Ultimate Fitness Manifesto

The Wisdom of Gary Player

Pediatrician gets his patients moving at early age

Yikes: One-third of US parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids

Who the hell was William H. Prescott? Awesome, I say. Almost finished with The Conquest of Peru. (Maybe 15 years ago I read the Conquest of Mexico.) The Inca story reads like science fiction. No money. No poverty. No one goes hungry. Everyone is married. Everyone works. No crime (steal and you’re executed). And so on.

Jason Gay: 27 More Rules of Thanksgiving Family Touch Football

Weekend, 11/17-18/18

NCAA D1 XC Championships start at 8:45 AM. Details and results. …Mild upset by Colorado women. Once again, Mark Wetmore works his late season magic. Favored New Mexico gets second. Oregon third.

NAIA XC results. …Ryan Alexander was the seventh man on a powerful Southern Oregon team. Ryan and older brother Dylan were pre teen phenoms on The Beast.

Video: Looking Out for the Human Spirit

Alcohol is killing more people

Marriage 101

The workout that is so well known it goes simply by one name. The Michigan. Regardless the coach, it’s a staple in Oregon.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Why is your GPS watch not 100 percent accurate? And more.

CIF-SS XC Championship results. Congrats to the West Ranch Boys and Girls and the Saugus girls for top 10 finishes. Top seven teams in each division qualify for the state finals, hence Santa Clarita is sending three teams to the finals. …Congrats to Canyon’s Ethan Danforth, 3rd in D2.

Friday, 11/16/18

Video: Ultrarunner Completes Alaska to Florida Journey on Foot

Alex Hutchinson: How to Fuel for a Solo, Unassisted Antarctic Crossing. …Reminds me. Some guy I knew, rich and retired way-early, still a competitive runner, hiked the PCT. Loved it. But said the scariest part of the ordeal was the weight loss. Afterwards he was down about 30 pounds and really struggled for months to get back to baseline.

Memorable. When Ritz outkicked Ryan Hall

Thursday, 11/15/18

Molly Huddle: Here’s the Analysis I Do After a Big Race. …Possibly not you, but a few understand they screwed up and need help.

Can Ezekiel do this?

Smartphone hell

Today I was a witness to a discussion between two runners/grammarians over the Oxford comma.

Wednesday, 11/14/18

Week That Was

How Your Diet Affects Your Mental Health

Meet Akuna, the Vet Who Hiked the Pacific Crest Trail to Treat PTSD

OMG, another crisis: The sex recession

Steve Magness: Uncertainty: Why You Need to Add it to Your Workouts. …Reminds me. At one practice our coach said, “…instead of the 400s, we’re going to do 500s.” Though intelligent, seasoned old boys and girls, we had troubled with that. 500s???

Just in. Feds say, Americans seeking to stay healthy can get their exercise in small increments of just a few minutes at a time. …Hey, no sweat!

Tuesday, 11/13/18

What Makes Pre So Special?

the morning shakeout

Dallas Cowboy Ezekiel Elliot recommends track.More. …6′”, 228 lbs. And add another 20-25 pounds for helmet, pads, and shoes. …Omar McLeod, a Jamaican, is the current 110m hurdle Olympic and World champion. …5′ 11″, 161 lbs. …Aries Merritt holds the World Record. …6′ 1″, 158 lbs.

Monday, 11/12/18

From iron bars to Ironman: How a prison rowing machine turned a career criminal into a record-breaking triathlete

The most efficient total body workout you’ll ever do. Consider.

This one is for the walk-ons, the guys who just want a chance to run …Reminds me of the University of Oregon Running Club. There are no UO walk-ons in cross country (both men and women teams qualified for the 2018 NCAA D1 Finals). But we know two guys, Gio Guzman and Justin Gallegos, from Hart High School in Santa Clarita, CA who joined the Running Club, loving the competition and camaraderie. …More.

Why your football coach wants you to run track

Sports Bra Weekend, 11/10-11/18

Sports bra controversyMore. …And still more in the New York Times. Learn how the sports bra was invented. …It’s not just about boys and girls. As a rule, football coaches dislike runners. Don learned that in 1961 at Anaheim High School, and nothing has changed over the years. …During a recent conversation with a notable sportswriter (who loves all sports), we learned “runners are a lot more thoughtful.”

Why U.S. Women Are Outperforming Men in the Marathon

Phootball physics …Crash dummies’ favorite sport. …Crash dummies’ makeover.

The Problem With Being Perfect

Jen A. Miller/NYT: It’s Not Just About You

CIF-SS Prelims results.

Inside China’s training camps, where boys are learning how to be men

NYT: What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick?

Giant sequoia for the property? Read. Grows about two feet a year.