Saturday, 8/1/20

Michael Lewis: Confessions of a California Covid Nurse

Her job, as she now sees it, is to keep the door to the Public Health office open, until the American public is ready to be saved from itself. “There will come a time when their minds will be changed,” she said. “Once the reality hits them — when they see a friend of theirs die. Or someone young die. I don’t want them to feel confrontational. I want them to know I’ll be here for you. I’ll take your call even though you treated me like dirt.”

Just ordered: Love Your Enemies

Just read: Hayward Field: Legends and Legacy …Terrific!

Fitbit (7/1-7/31): 407,867 steps, 649 floors (6490′ elevation), 198.48 miles, 66,422 calories

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