Weekend, 3/23-24/19

Jen A. Miller/NYT: What you can do when you can’t race. With links.

Killer eggs?

Jockology: How your office job is affecting your metabolism

The Harsh Reality of Video-Game Addiction

Friday, 3/22/19

The Evolution of Jenny Simpson. … Secrets to success when it comes to getting older, wiser—and faster.

Wiretaps, emails and checks: Parents in college admissions scam face tough legal fight

Scientific American: Are Some Fruits More Fattening Than Others?

Video: What it’s Like to Hike the Entire Appalachian Trail in 45 Days. Self-supported! …. But he also says, “I always do a few indoor track races. So I want to do the indoor mile.”

Video: Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

Just in. Woman’s Solo Hiking Trip Shockingly Doesn’t Have To Do With Inner Journey Or Anything

Thursday, 3/21/19

Just returned from Willamette Pass, about 5100′ in the Cascades. We did two hours of XC skiing. Great experience. Might be a new passion. Stand by.

Week That Was: USATF Defies The IAAF and Ruins The Olympic Trials

Alex Hutchinson: Customize Your HIIT Workout Based on Your Goals. It was a usual cold, wet winter in Eugene. That was the kind of stuff I was doing on the treadmill, and likely will continue as the weather warms up. And do more 5Ks this year.

Wednesday, 3/20/19

Video: Running Ridges in Norway with Kilian Jornet

Tuesday, 3/19/19

Top American Pros and Coaches React to USATF’s New Olympic Qualification Process

95 year-old embarks on second cross country run.

Don’t be a fool. Read: Good to Go: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery. Do you really benefit from power drinks, energy bars, ice baths, supplements, gizmos…? More. …Informative and entertaining.

USATF Has Shot Itself In The Dick Once Again

Monday, 3/18/19

Video: Pedaling Across Continents

AKA Lawn Mower Parenting

Another way. From charcoal dealer to world-class half-marathoner, Kenyan Joan Chelimo is reinventing herself again

The Communist Party is top dog in the Chinese App Store. Something the entire family can use. Or else.

Weekend, 3/16-17/19

Utter madness: USATF WILL NOT Honor Top-Three Finish at The US Olympic Trials Unless You Have The Standard

More madness. From Scientific American. Can Cannabis Solve the Opioid Crisis?

Jen A. Miller/NYT: How to Feed a Runner Guide. …And links.

Kelly Catlin, world class cyclist, wrote this. And then a week later, we read this. …More on Kelly Catlin

Woman cyclist forced to stop race after catching up with men

Ya got me moment for an Austrian skier

How Likely Is a Sub-Two Hour Marathon in 2020?

Snowplow parents? How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood

Friday, 3/15/19

2019 OTC Monthly Race results. Don was second oldest in the race, second in age group.

Classic Cheapies. …About decent and inexpensive wine.
Layne Witherell was in my 1966 Navy boot camp company. Friends ever since. We will celebrate our 74th birthdays on 3/20/19.

His/her job? Doing Dishes is the Worst. Surely grown up people who love each other can sort out such stuff.

39 second video: Hiking Interactions. About the same for runners?

Thursday, 3/14/19

Pearls Before Breakfast …Seven years later at Washington’s Union Station.

Exercise vs. Drugs to Treat High Blood Pressure and Reduce Fat

Athing Mu, only 16, on recording the second-fastest indoor 600m time in history

Alex Hutchinson’s Q&A with Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness. …It includes a question so long in my mind. Why do the best runners in their time just stop competing in their twenties, thirties, the rest of their lives? Lotsa greats in Eugene who don’t compete.

Wednesday, 3/13/19

These Concerts Are for Very Lucky Hikers Only

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Einstein didn’t have a smart phone