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Wednesday, 1/17/18

Ditch the mouthwash?

Tuesday, 1/16/18

the morning shakeout

Deadly flu now considered epidemic

Ways to avoid getting sick

Brad Stulberg: Calm Determination

Higher Education Is Drowning in BS

The shaming of jaywalking
…Ever play touch football in the street? It was considered normal back when. My last game was in 1975.

Ray Bradbury said Fahrenheit 451 was about people “being turned into morons by TV.”

Monday, 1/15/18

When the Lung Cancer Patient Climbs Mountains. …21,247-foot Mera Peak in Nepal.

Still Not Convinced You Need a Flu Shot? First, It’s Not All About You

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

How Walking Fosters Creativity

Video: How to Train Like Kilian Jornet

Weekend, 1/13-14/18

How Quickly Do You Lose Fitness When You Stop Running?

The Trans Am had never been won by a woman… Read.

Eat, Then Sleep (A Radical New Injury-Prevention Plan)

Why We Need Quiet Spaces

The darkest, quietest and cleanest places left on Earth

Best Diets Overall

A Millennial Job Interview

NYT: Are You Really a Runner? And more.

Master’s University Winter 5K results

Last night in Seattle, UW Indoor Preview results. Hart and UCLA alum Austin O’Neill goes 8:02.70 in the 3000.

Keep Our Mountains Free. And Dangerous.

Friday, 1/12/18

Brad Stulberg: 8 Rules to Do Everything Better

Raevyn Rogers, NCAA 800 Champ, turns pro. Note the discipline and assistance to the D1 scholarship athlete. It’s required from every such athlete, and especially so in the first two years. At UO, first year, you sit with your tutor (usually a grad student) 12-15 hours a week (I forget the actual number).

Video: Sprint mechanics for distance runners. Imagine how much better we could be with Steve Magness doing the same for us, with a program to force us to correct our weaknesses. …That would make us faster and reduce chances of injury.

More In-Real Life Community + The First Step to Expertise

Improving Ourselves to Death

Thursday, 1/11/18

Read du jour: Peter Snell, Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist in the 800 and 1500. An early idol.

Should male and female cross country races be the same distance? The answer, of course, is yes.

Do speed. You lose speed as you age. So why not work to retain as much as you can?

Steve Magness: How to Deal with Pain and Suffering: The Calm Conversation

We must undergo a hard winter training and not rush into things for which we haven’t prepared. ~ Epictetus


Ooh la la. Dining as Nature Intended

Three Japanese soccer elites vs 100 school children. Video.

7 Tips for Reading More Books in a Year …Most tips I get on books come from old ladies.

Semi-Rad: I Must Have My Coffee First Thing in the Morning

Wednesday, 1/10/18

Just Eat More Fiber

Women Writing About the Wild

U.S. Army elite does 10 X 800, 2 minute rest interval. Video. Shouldn’t we be doing something like that?

Did you get a flu shot? Consider.

Virtual reality gyms

Tuesday, 1/9/18

Looking for a Winter Challenge? PR the Mile

the morning shakeout

Why Are Improvements from Training Different Among Athletes?

Dance Me to the End of Love. The lessons of age, pain, and injury.

Just finished: The Midnight Line. 512 pages in 24 hours. Now reading My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry. Hilarious. Next up: Robicheaux

Monday, 1/8/18

The 3 Qualities That Will Make You “Better”

Horace Ashenfelter, 1952 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Steeplechase, RIPOn exclusive list.

Don’t miss: Q&A With Kara Goucher

50 terms to avoid.

Weekend, 1/6-7/18

Katherine Switzer on running and racing in your 70s.

Excellent: Q&A with Andrew Wheating

Best lean protein.

Alex Hutchinson: How to Survive the Most Frigid Winter Runs. …My 2 cents: Wear these under your gloves. Warm and dry for 2 cents.

Five Reasons Why We Overeat

Watching sprinters jog slow is interesting. They are highly inefficient going slow. Watch a distance runner sprint and they are often inefficient at max speeds. Running fast and slow are skills. ~Steve Magness

The science is in: exercise won’t help you lose much weight.

A love story for the books. I came across this ten minutes after putting down (nearly done) When Breath Becomes Air (recommended).

NYT: It’s Time for the Dreadmill, etc.

What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It)

Spencer Butte. The larger of the two volcanoes (retired) in Tracktown. Eugene is under the cloud cover, the Cascades beyond all that. Photo by No. 1 son.