Monday, 7/29/19

Video: Dalilah Muhammad breaks world record in 400 hurdles at US Nationals

Shouldn’t USATF find a way to fill the stadium for a national championship?

Fitness trackers are good for your health, but…

Triathlons Fight Decline

Thru-Hiking NYC. Why not give it a shot in your area? Best done with someone you love. Or at least someone you find tolerable and/or puts up with you.

Or Thru-Biking the Sierra

Americans Are Not Getting the Message About Exercising More and Sitting Less

Hell is Other Internet People. …Don?

Haters Can Be Your Ultimate Fuel Source! …Read the book. Can’t Hurt Me

Ken Goe: NBC broadcast went dark just as Dalilah Muhammad was about to set a world record. Another mis-communication between USATF, NBC, and the public.

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