Tuesday, 7/9/19

Read du jour: America Is Losing Its Grip. …”We are raising a generation of weaklings, more prone to everything from premature aging to mental disorders.” …Do you do yard work? Weekly I do a 3-4 mile walk with an 80 year old. Has multiple and serious heath issues. Takes aboard over 30 pills a day, mandated by his M.D. Yesterday, after our walk, I asked if he would chill for the rest of the day. “No,” he said. “She (his wife) makes me weed the garden most afternoons.”

An Ultramarathon Runner’s Secret to Mental Toughness

Ultramarathoner Amelia Boone: The Recovery I Needed

Your phone is the adult marshmallow test you fail 250 times a day. ~Jason Kottke

Toughest July 4th race? Probably Mount Marathon. See video.

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