Weekend, 4/20-21/19

“I told my wife, on my tombstone, don’t put that I was a quarter-miler coach,” he said. “I was a track coach.” …Clyde Hart, 85, retiring from Baylor. …For distance racers, doesn’t it all start and end with quarter repeats? Don started in 1961.

Or 500s! A few years ago, at the South Eugene High track, the coach delivered the shocking news, 500s vice 400s. It was brutal. We were not prepared mentally and had trouble adjusting

About Gene Dykes, 71,the ‘Ultrageezer.’ His average pace at the Boston Marathon was 6 minutes and 49 seconds per mile.

Eat like an apex predator’s apex predator. Liver! …Childhood nightmare. Couldn’t leave the table without finishing it.

Jen A. Miller/NYT: How the Marathon Went Down. With great links.

Ken Goe: Why college baseball and softball matter and track does not

The sugar in fruit doesn’t make it bad for you

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