Weekend, 4/6-7/19

We’re staying at the Prospect Hotel. Crater Lake is buried in snow (110 inches), but the plan is to go up there anyway and snowshoe as best and as close as we can.

What Gives With So Many Hard Scientists Being Hard-Core Endurance Runners?

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Getting That Elusive B.Q. And other great links. …Just renewed my subscription for another 6 months at the bargain rate (likely available to you) of $5.01 per week. That includes complete computer access and delivery of the mammoth paper Sunday edition within two feet of your front door.

Yet another problem for crisis-prone USATF

Because of recent snow at Crater Lake, and with vehicles unable to access, our ranger-led trek on snowshoes looped around the side of the mountain at elevations in excess of 6500 feet. We were tramping for 2.5 hours on snow in excess of 11 feet. Glorious! …Fun fact. If we gave every person living today an equal share of the water in Crater Lake, we would all get 660 gallons.

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