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Thursday, 3/7/19

Justin Gallegos featured in New York Times article, Slow Enough to Be a Sponsored Runner

Amby Burfoot: Ed Rousseau has been running for 62 years

Sleep or Die

Why Walking Helps Us Think

Wednesday, 3/6/19

Bill Gates: My new favorite book of all time. …It’s very, very good. Contains loads of facts and reasons to be optimistic. But as on some level you/we are tribal thinkers, unthinkingly prone to spout whatever our crowd holds dear, be prepared to be upset.

We also liked Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

More? Here is a 66 minute conversation between Jordan Peterson and Steven Pinker

Our photos from 03/05/16

Have you seen Free Solo? Consider

Tuesday, 3/5/19

Week That Was

Q&A with Eliud Kipchoge

Alex Hutchinson: There’s a Complex Connection Between Exercise and Anger. …Why mom told us to go play outside.

Aetna (who sends me a check each month for 13 years of employment) offers $25-per-night rewards to employees (monitored via sleep trackers) who manage 20 nights of sleep for seven hours or more in a row. …Why We Can’t Sleep

Monday, 3/4/19

Komif Kejelcha of the Nike Oregon Project broke the world record in the indoor mile with a time of 3:47.01, breaking the world indoor mile record time of 3:48.45 set by Hicham El Guerrouj back in 1997. Details.

Global survey of the happiest, healthiest countries: U.S. is 37th! U.S. hampered by excessive obesity, depression, inactivity…

Kejelcha video

Weekend, 3/2-3/19

Michael Johnson reflects on recovery from stroke

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Active Recovery. With great links.

On Sunday, because of the ice and cold (30 degrees), the TrackTown Fitness Sunday workout was indoors at The Moshofsky Center. Nice.

Vin’s form advice for the day. 1. Arms swing forward, up and down, hands from hips to nipple line or above. 2. Land on mid foot. 3. Run tall. …Ben Blankenship, finalist in the last Olympic 1500, was there to model.

WWII vet celebrates 100th birthday with a 5K. Video. …No, you’re not too old.

Friday, 3/1/19

March Oregon Track Newsletter here. Includes our Q&A with Harvey Lewellyn, 90, and a world champion thrower. …I’d trade our house cat for his hairline, but she says no.

Video: Watch an 85 Year Old Run a Trail Marathon

A Frederick Douglass Reading List.

Tim Tibow on motivation

Alberto Salazar sez: Kejelcha gunning for world records on Sunday.