Weekend, 8/11-12/18

Just finished Max Leonard’s Higher Calling. Loved it. Very quirky. …Review. There’s some fun stories about George Mallory II, the grandson of George Mallory who died in 1924 in an attempt to be the first to climb Everest. Mallory II is a nut about fitness and training on stairs and doing so while holding his breath. His PR is, on one breath, ascending six -and-a-half stories. And then passed out.

Today we will start reading Lanterne Rouge: The Last Man in the Tour de France

Our friend Tim Lynch and some buddies are cycling the Oregon coast, Astoria to the California border. Hope to see them tomorrow in Florence. …From yesterday’s ride on 101 here

Jen A. Miller/NYT: Best swag in the bag, and other matters

OTC 5K results. About 90 degrees at race time. Too hot for Don, but not Don’s rival, David Elliott, the best 70+ racer in Oregon.

About fake toughness. See here and here.

What’s going on with Oregon track and field?

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