Thursday, 8/9/18

Track and field will remain stagnant if we continue to hide in a tiny Oregon bubble where we feel comfortable, nobody asks any questions, and we can so easily delude ourselves… Eugene is an anomaly, built by the Nike neighbors up the street. More.

Ken Goe reports on elite athletes leaving the tiny bubble. Story. …In Comments, some guy writes: I’ve never met a runner who isn’t self-centered, ego-driven and toxic. Want happy people? Look elsewhere.

Everesting? For cyclists. But what about for runners? If reading this, you probably know The Beast (Santa Clarita) or Spencer Butte (Eugene). The net climb for each is roughly 2000 feet, about 15 round trips on no sleep. …Now reading Higher Calling: Cycling’s Obsession with Mountains.

Kilian Jornet Summits Everest in 26 Hours

Whitney Has Turned Into an Overcrowded Catastrophe

Mega study says fish oil will not save your life.

Maybe you should let your kids play more video games. More.

Q&A with Courtney Frerichs

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