Weekend, 7/7-8/18

Jen A. Miller/NYT: When to Stop If You’re Too Hot

Wouldn’t you like to sound like Werner Herzog? …Listen to Go the F to Sleep

Don’t Trust the Label on Your Supplements. …What percentage of supplement takers do so as back-up/insurance to a crappy diet and lifestyle?

David Brooks: Fred Rogers and the Loveliness of the Little Good

Day one at the Tour de Supplements. …Who cares?

I Gave Up AC This Summer To Live Within My Means. America Should Try That. …Personal note. Being old, the body temp trends lower. Long sleeves in the AM.

Scientific American: Does Sparkling Water Make You Hungry?

NYT: Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy

Read: How Many Calories Do You Really Burn Once Your Workout Is Over? …And then go back and read the concluding sentence again.

Ross Tucker/Science of Sport: Can we trust the Tour, Sky and Chris Froome?

Why women may be less likely to quit in a competition than men

How to Grow Old

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