Friday, 4/13/18

Breaking news. Don’s wrong. In fact, Mariah Castillo bettered the Saugus 3200 marks of Shannon Murakami, and Kaylon Mahoney (10:25.40), and Samantha Ortega (10:20.25). Paavo, formerly an outstanding Orange County star, almost as old as Don, sent in a correction.

Must read: Jonathon Marcus’ A Runner’s Movement Signature. Possibly you’ve seen my form and I’ve seen yours. Neither are pretty, fluid, or efficient. And might cause injuries. What are we doing to improve on that? What does your coach say, if anything? If nothing, is that malpractice?

Thursday night results at the OTC 5/10K at Alton Baker Park here. Craig Godwin wins the 10. Don, oldest dude in the 5, wins AG, first race in five months. A minute slower than last year.

Oh-oh. One extra glass of wine ‘will shorten your life by 30 minutes’

Ken Goe provides Boston Marathon commentary, links, and more. …Don’t miss the Boston Globe story on the three year old investigation into Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project.

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