Tuesday, 4/10/18

CORRECTED VERSION: Zach Schroeder, head track and cross country coach at Master’s, writes: TODAY at 6pm at City Hall there will be a discussion about expanding Dockweiler to Railroad. This expansion would greatly enhance the safety of Placerita Canyon, and specifically alleviate traffic on Placerita Canyon Road. I believe this would enhance the safety of runners and cyclists. Can you help me spread word to the running and cycling community that we need help supporting the city’s measure to expand this road? All we need are individuals to arrive at City Hall by 5:30 pm and sit in attendance. The visual support for this measure would greatly enhance the likelihood of the road eventually going through. The more individuals we have that support this measure the safer it will be for runners and cyclist alike.

Don here. That’s a great idea. Back when, there was no Central Park, and cross country meets bounced around Santa Clarita. With CP, the course kept changing, rarely for the better. One memorable course had runners jumping off curbs, running through the parking area, actually dodging moving cars. So about 15 years ago, a few of us started showing up at the monthly Parks & Recreation meetings at City Hall, and speaking during the public comments portion of the meeting. Every month for five months. Most local coaches were not interested, but Dave Delong was there and gave an excellent talk. Eventually, a Signal reporter came up with a terrific story, filled with some funny and juicy quotes from the community. And a few days later a city councilperson spread the word that the city and community needed to talk, and we did at CP. The result being what you see today.

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